50 Breathtaking Butterfly Locs Hairstyles for a Mesmerizing Look in 2024

Butterfly Locs, also referred to as butterfly braids, have gracefully fluttered their way into the spotlight of the hairstyling world.

Butterfly locs has captured hearts and imaginations, redefining what it means to embrace a protective hairstyle with an artistic twist. The secret lies in its organic texture, weaving wavy or curly strands through hidden braids, artfully wrapping them around the natural hair.

Butterfly braids create a relaxed, undone look that marries casual elegance with an artistic edge. It’s a bohemian masterpiece, deliberately messy yet profoundly stylish.

The distinctive charm of Butterfly Locs lies in its whimsical curls and loops, reminiscent of the delicate wings of butterflies in flight.

Goddess Locs vs. Butterfly Braids

It’s not uncommon for people to mistake Goddess Locs for Butterfly Braids, given their intricate beauty. However, discerning eyes will spot the remarkable distinctions between the two.

Goddess Locs allow their ends to flow freely, embracing movement and natural allure. On the other hand, Butterfly Braids seal their ends, preserving the structure and elegance of the style.

Each variation embodies a unique essence, catering to diverse preferences and personalities.

Expert Insight: Renowned hairstylist and trendsetter, Anna Martinez, sheds light on the phenomenon. “Butterfly Locs are more than just a hairstyle; they’re a statement of individuality. The deliberate blend of textures and the casual allure makes it a perfect choice for those seeking a contemporary twist on traditional beauty.

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Butterfly braids are one of the most versatile protective hairstyles because you can play with so many different styles. Here are some of our favorite butterfly braids styles for beginners:

Two-color Butterfly Braid

This style takes the enchantment of butterfly braids a step further by embracing a captivating interplay of complementary colors, resulting in a truly mesmerizing and unique look.

Down and Loose

The easiest way to rock your butterfly braids is to just wear them as-is. Wearing it free-form allows you to really show off its boho-chicness. This approach pays homage to the natural rhythm of life, where perfection lies in the imperfections.

Depending upon how you part your hair naturally, before installing the locks, you should properly section your hair.

Regular moisturization of your scalp and locs is essential to keep them supple and vibrant. This practice not only ensures the longevity of your style but also grants you the freedom to experiment with different looks, flipping your locs with the utmost confidence.

Pink Butterfly Braids

Half-up Locs

When you’re seeking a fresh appearance without investing excessive time, half-up butterfly braids are your solution. This chic black girl hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and charm. Follow these easy steps to achieve the look:

  1. Section and Gather: Start by taking a handful of locs from the crown of your head. This will be the section you work with for the half-up style.
  2. Secure with Ease: Utilize a hair clip or a stylish scrunchy to secure the gathered locs at the back of your head. This creates the half-up foundation of your butterfly braids.
  3. Top Knot Elegance: Elevate the look by transforming it into a top knot. Twist the secured locs into a knot at the crown. This adds volume and flair to the style.
  4. Finishing Touch: With the top knot in place, you’ve achieved a charming and stylish half-up butterfly braids look. The voluminous top knot adds an extra layer of sophistication to your appearance.

This hairstyle is perfect for days when you want a touch of elegance without the fuss. The butterfly braids create a unique texture, while the top knot adds a playful twist. Enjoy your effortlessly chic look with minimal effort.

Grey Butterfly locs

Split Half-up Locs

A split half-up half-down hairstyle is a modern twist on the classic half-up hairstyle.

  1. Divide and Conquer: Begin by gathering the upper portion of your hair. Divide this section right down the center, creating two equally sized sections.
  2. Secure the Sections: Fasten each section using elastic bands or stylish scrunchies. This ensures a neat and secure hold for your split half-up style.
  3. Choose Your Endgame: You have two options to complete the look. Let the hair hang freely for a breezy and relaxed vibe. Alternatively, gather the ends of each section and twist them into a bun, adding an extra touch of sophistication.
  4. Flattering for All: Embrace your inner style maven, as the split half-up half-down hairstyle suits round, oval, and diamond face shapes. This look strategically adds volume to the top and sides of your face, enhancing your natural beauty.

Whether you’re attending a casual outing or a formal event, this hairstyle effortlessly elevates your appearance. The split half-up half-down style embraces contemporary elegance while offering versatile options for your desired end result.

Shoulder Length Butterfly Locs

Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids with Butterfly Accessories

Extended Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs with Bangs

High Butterfly Braid Ponytail

Ponytails can elevate your butterfly locs and give them a bit of an edge. A high ponytail look is usually flattering on a round or square face shape as it elongates the face and gives it more of an oval appearance.

Ginger Butterfly Locs

The fusion of butterfly locs and ginger tones births an appearance that truly transcends the ordinary. Much like a butterfly’s metamorphosis, your hair undergoes a profound shift that mirrors the evolution of your very being.

Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Braids Updo

Blue Butterfly Braids

A bold color like blue is ideal for every hair type and can really highlight the hairstyle.

Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends

Small Butterfly Braids

Medium Butterfly Braid

Medium Butterfly Braid Ponytail

Unlike a high butterfly braid ponytail, a medium ponytail doesn’t add volume or height to your face. Therefore, this hairstyle is usually perfect for a person with a long oval or heart face as the ponytail balances that face shape.

Butterfly Locs with Accessories

Butterfly locs, adorned with carefully chosen accessories, create an enchanting and unique hairstyle. From delicate beads to meta rings, these accessories add flair and personality to your locs. Elevate your look with a touch of creativity, turning your butterfly locs into a captivating work of art.

Short Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids with Cornrows

Embrace the new year with a stylish twist by incorporating butterfly locs into various braided hairstyles. Versatile and trendy, butterfly braids with cornrows offer a fresh and fashionable way to kickstart your look for the upcoming year.

Butterfly Braids with Three-toned Hair

Blonde Short Butterfly Braids

Blonde hair offers unparalleled versatility, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy frequent style changes. When paired with butterfly braids, this adaptable color enhances the appeal of a deliberately messy yet effortlessly chic Boho aesthetic.

Red Butterfly Braids

The timeless elegance of the color red effortlessly complements any protective hairstyle.

Purple Butterfly Locs

Purple is an extremely interesting color that looks great when paired with butterfly locs.

Platinum Butterfly Locs with Shells

Try platinum butterfly locs adorned with shells. This combination adds a beachy and chic vibe to your look, perfect for those seeking a unique and eye-catching hairstyle.

Butterfly Locs Updo

Butterfly Locs Updo
Butterfly Locs Updo

White Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs with Beads

Gold Tinted Butterfly Locs

Shoulder Length Butterfly Locs with 2 Colored Locs in the Front

Butterfly Locs with Pony Tail

Skunk Strip Butterfly Locs

This style combines a streak of contrasting color, reminiscent of a skunk’s stripe which makes for a striking and memorable Butterfly locs.

Butterfly Locs with Mid Parting

Textured Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs over Locs 

Brown Butterfly Locs Updo

How to Install butterfly Locs?

Butterfly braids are considered one of the easiest protective hairstyles to install, especially for beginners. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to install beautiful butterfly braids for an effortless and boho-chic look.

Things you’ll need:

  • 8 to 10 packs of locs extension.
  • Hair crotchet needle
  • Apple cider
  • Vinegar
  • String hold gel
  • Rat tail comb

Step 1: Soak your synthetic hair in apple cider or vinegar

To ensure a comfortable experience, start by soaking your synthetic hair in either apple cider vinegar or a mild soapy water solution for a few hours.

This step is crucial as it eliminates any potential irritants or coatings that could trigger itchiness or allergic reactions on your scalp.

Thoroughly rinse and dry the synthetic hair before use, even if you have slight sensitivity concerns.

Step 2: Section and Braid your Natural Hair

Begin with sectioning the front of your hair in a manner that complements your facial features.

Once your front is neatly partitioned, start the braiding process, shaping your natural hair into box braids of your preferred style. Utilize a rat tail comb for consistency in braid size.

Whether you opt for a denser or more delicate appearance, tailor the number of braids accordingly.

For voluminous looks, fewer braids might be ideal, while numerous smaller braids create lightweight options. Long hair? Opt for smaller braids to avoid excessive weight.

Step 3: Crotchet the hair extensions into braids

Moving to the next step, it’s essential to establish the proper volume and texture of your extensions for the perfect butterfly locs.

Gently separate the curls of the extensions by running your fingers through them. This eases the wrapping process and coverage of the braids.

With two pieces of hair extension in hand, secure the crochet needle’s hook and guide the extensions through the base of each braid.

Leave about three-quarters of the synthetic hair hanging at the back, and the rest in the front, ensuring secure attachment.

Step 4: Begin to wrap the extension

Start the wrapping phase, starting from the extension’s length and firmly wrapping it around your natural hair’s base. The wrapping technique can embrace a more relaxed, messy approach, and it’s not mandatory to keep the extensions tightly rooted at the base.

Employ the thumb technique for added flair – after every 3-4 wraps, loop the extensions around your thumb a few times. This imparts a relaxed elegance, characterized by the signature loops of butterfly locs.

Step 5: Seal the ends

As each braid becomes enwrapped with synthetic hair, it’s time to secure the ends effectively. A simple method involves creating small loops at the braid’s tips.

Hold the end of the braid firmly to prevent unraveling, fashion a small loop, and wrap the hair extension around it until the end is reached.

For enhanced hold, apply a dab of hair glue to firmly secure the last inch of the wrapped ends. Carefully ensure your natural hair remains unglued. Replicate this process for all remaining braids to complete your stunning butterfly locs.

Pros and Cons of Butterfly Locs

While there are tons of benefits to having butterfly locs, the hairstyle is not for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of butterfly locs to get an honest look at what you can expect from this look.

Pros of Butterfly Locs

1. Universally Flattering: The beauty of butterfly locs lies in their universal appeal. Regardless of your face shape or hair type, these locs complement everyone. Even in their relaxed state, the voluminous texture creates a slimming and feminine effect that enhances your overall appearance.

2. Gentle on the Scalp: Unlike many other protective hairstyles that can strain your scalp and hair, butterfly locs offer a gentle touch. Since they are essentially box braids with curly hair crocheted in and wrapped around, these locs don’t exert excessive tension on your scalp. This translates to less discomfort and a reduced likelihood of soreness post-installation.

3. Ideal for Beginners: If a professional hairstylist isn’t in the budget, butterfly locs come to the rescue. This protective style is beginner-friendly, allowing you to purchase extensions and execute the installation from the comfort of your own home. This accessibility empowers those who are new to hairstyling.

4. Versatile Charm: Butterfly locs serve as a versatile canvas for your creativity. The foundational locs enable you to experiment with diverse looks and styles. As you gain proficiency in installation, arranging the base braids in face-framing and flattering patterns becomes increasingly achievable.

5. Natural Elegance: Over time, the allure of butterfly locs deepens. As the braids settle in and gradually loosen, the hairstyle takes on an effortless, lived-in charm. This natural evolution contributes to its beauty and appeal.

In essence, butterfly locs offer more than just a stylish aesthetic. They provide a comfortable and versatile hairstyle option that’s well-suited for beginners and experienced stylists alike. The adaptability and gentle nature of these locs make them a remarkable choice for those seeking a protective hairstyle with enduring elegance.

Cons of Butterfly Locs

1. Time-consuming installation: While installation for most protective hairstyles is lengthy, installation for butterfly locs is even lengthier. For someone with long hair, installation can last somewhere between 5 to 7 hours and even more if you wish to add more length and weight to your natural hair.

2. Improper installation: Installation is the key to making butterfly locs suitable for long-term wear. When installed improperly, you can end up with locs that not only look bad but also fall out frequently.

3. Frizzy: Frizz is an integral part of soft or butterfly locs. If you prefer something tidy, neat, and with little to no frizz, then this natural hairstyle is not for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes butterfly locs a good protective style?

Many hairstylists believe that butterfly braids have been such an important protective hairstyle for decades because not only does it protect your natural hair from the environment but it does so while creating an effortless boho-chic vibe. This hairstyle is best for people who wish to have an elegant look but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Plus, the best thing about butterfly locs is the fact that you don’t have to worry about keeping them super-neat. This hairstylist looks better as it becomes messier.

Which hair types work best with butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs can be installed in all types of hair but it works best with hair that is naturally kinky or has wavy textures.

How much does it cost to install butterfly locs?

Depending upon the length of the hair along with the quality of extensions, your location, and the skill level of the hairstylist, butterfly locs can take somewhere between $200-$500 on average.

How to prepare your natural hair before installation?

The best way to prevent damage while wearing butterfly locs is by preparing your natural hair for installation. 3 things you should do to prep your hair for installation-

  1. Shampoo thoroughly- You should always install a protective style on fresh and clean hair. Since most protective hairstyles last more than a month, it is important to properly shampoo your hair in order to avoid any build-up of oil and other residues.
  2. Deep condition- Even though your hair will be covered with locs in this protective hairstyle, it will still require regular conditioning in order to stay healthy and strong. With a good conditioner, you can bring the necessary amount of moisture and conditioning to your natural hair.
  3. Trim your ends- By trimming your ends by installation, you are guaranteeing that they stay healthy and in good condition for a long time.

How many hair extensions do you require to create butterfly locs?

While most websites will recommend you to get 6 packs of hair extensions, however, if this is your first-time installing butterfly locs in your hair, then it is best to get at least 2 extra packs. For first-time installers, the more packs you buy the better it is because the margin of error is a lot and it’ll be extremely annoying to run out of hair, especially when you are at it for hours. And it will be even more annoying if you had to make a run to the beauty supply store in the middle of installation.

What is the proper length for butterfly loc?

There is no proper length for butterfly locs. The length of butterfly locs usually depends on the customer’s preference. Butterfly locs lengths range from ear lobe length to pass the waist. People can also add more wrapping hair to create a larger or jumbo loc. The possibilities of customization are almost endless with butterfly locs. People can even add different color hair extensions to make the look their own.

What hair is used for butterfly locs?

You can use any type of hair that is also used for Bohemian raid and faux loc. However, most salons commonly use free-tress water wave braiding hair.

How long does it take to install butterfly locs?

The speed at which your butterfly locs get installed depends on multiple factors. For instance, an experienced professional hairstylist will be able to create this look on long hair in 5 to 7 hours and on shorter hair between 3 to 5. On the other hand, it might take you a lot longer if you were doing it on your own.

How long does this look last?

Butterfly locs can last a person 4 to 6 weeks, in the proper conditions. It is best to remove them before your hair starts to look frizzy and your natural roots start to lock.

What is the right time to remove your butterfly locs?

The signal to bid adieu to your captivating butterfly locs arrives when your scalp starts getting itchy and irritable or when your natural hair's roots begin their journey of locking and dreading. If your hair has become too fuzzy or looks incredibly messed up then it is time to remove your butterfly locs. 

If these charming locs receive the care they deserve, they tend to keep their beauty intact for a span of 4 to 6 weeks.

Can you wash your butterfly locs?

Absolutely, you can wash your butterfly locs. The best approach, according to hairstylists, is to apply shampoo directly to the scalp without disturbing the lock itself. Gently and gradually work the shampoo into your scalp. Avoid applying shampoo to the length of the hair; as you rinse your scalp, the shampoo will naturally cleanse the lock. This method helps maintain the integrity of your butterfly locs while ensuring a thorough cleanse.

How to take care of your butterfly locs?

Maintaining your butterfly locs for a lasting 4 to 6 weeks involves several effective practices:

  1. Regularly spritz a blend of jojoba oil and water onto your hair to restore your natural hair's moisture.
  2. During sleep, gather your locs into a bun to prevent tangling.
  3. Safeguard your hair's edges by wrapping them with a satin or silk scarf. Alternatively, sleep on silk or satin pillowcases to minimize friction. These simple steps will contribute to the longevity of your stylish butterfly locs.

Here is a detailed guide on how to take out Butterfly Locs?

How to take care of your natural hair and scalp with this protective style?

Maintaining a robust hair care routine not only promotes scalp hygiene but also prolongs your stylish butterfly locs. Despite the hair extensions, ensuring a clean scalp is vital. Here's how to effectively care for your butterfly locs:

  1. Opt for a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.
  2. Safeguard your locs by wearing a bonnet or headscarf during sleep.
  3. Maintain the practice of cleansing, shampooing, and conditioning your scalp.
  4. Post each wash, ensure thorough drying of your butterfly locs.
  5. Nourish your scalp with scalp serums to sustain moisture.
  6. Aim to remove your extensions within a 4 to 6-week timeframe. Employing these practices will not only uphold scalp health but also the durability of your charming butterfly locs.

How to sleep with butterfly locs?

Prior to bedtime, adopting a few hairstylist-recommended practices can significantly extend the life of your butterfly locs. Wrapping the hair edges with a silk or satin scarf and transitioning to silk or satin pillowcases can preserve your style for around 4 weeks. Additionally, forming a bun with your locks during sleep is advised for optimal longevity. By incorporating these simple steps, you can enjoy your charming butterfly locs for an extended period.

How to safely remove butterfly locs from your hair with minimum breakage?

For a secure and breakage-minimized removal of your butterfly locs extensions, employing a bottom-up approach is recommended.

  • Begin by trimming the loc's end slightly above your natural hair,
  • then gently unravel the hair and slide it out from the braid's base.
  • Having oil and a spray bottle nearby can aid in loosening any residue.
  • Remember to pace yourself during the process to prevent frustration and fatigue. This method ensures a smooth and hassle-free extension removal experience.

Are butterfly locs well for your natural hair?

The comprehensive protection provided by butterfly locs comes from the synthetic hair enveloping and safeguarding your natural hair. This cocooning effect protects your hair from potential damage and breakage due to external environmental factors, offering a secure and nurturing environment for your natural locks.

Should you soak your loc extensions in apple cider or vinegar rinse?

If your scalp is prone to irritation and itchiness then you can soak your loc extensions in an apple cider or vinegar rinse. However, it is not necessary for you to dip the extensions in hot water because the carefree wrapping and loops secure the hair on its own.

How can I seal my locs?

Butterfly locs have a higher tendency of breaking free when they are done at home. Therefore, it is extremely important that you seal your locs properly and set yourself up for success with these beautiful techniques-

  1. Gel, wax, or balm- You can use a strong gel, wax, or balm on the knotted tip to help smooth it down and hold the hair from slipping out.
  2. Hair glue- Use name-brand hair glue to seal the ends of your hair. Hair glue is perfect for sealing because it has an invisible seal that holds hair in the right place.
  3. Flat iron press- Use a flat iron press, on low heat, just on the synthetic hair to seal your locs. Stop immediately if you smell burning or smoke coming out of your hair.

What is the difference between soft locs (butterfly locs) and faux locs?

Compared to faux locs, not only are soft locs softer but also less stiff and rigid. With soft locs you still have the movement and agility of your natural locs, however, faux locs require several days of styling and treatment before your hair loses its rigidity. Faux locs also tend to be a bit heavier than soft locs and add tension to the scalp. Faux locs can also lead to damage and breakage of your natural hair if not properly cared for.

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