60 Trending Soft Locs Hairstyle Ideas in 2024

Soft locs also known as Butterfly locs are a type of faux locs that look and feel soft. Soft locs style uses premade soft crochet locs crocheted into your natural hair and then wrapped in locs of synthetic hair extensions.

Usually soft loc use Crochet loc, spring twist or passion twist hair method for wrapping.

Soft locs may be thought of as a type of dreadlocks that are light-weight, look more natural, puts less tension on your natural hair scalp and imparts more movement.

Cute Soft Locs Hairstyle Ideas in 2024

Here are some of the cute soft locs hairstyles that you can get inspiration from. These are protective hairstyles for soft locs as they are light-weight, soft, and put less stress on your hair and scalp! We have curated more than 60 ways to style soft locs.

1) Waist Length Soft Locs Hairstyles

Waist-length soft loc hairstyles encapsulate a harmonious blend of elegance, versatility, and contemporary flair. Check this style below…doesn’t it look elegant?

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2) Passion Twists Butterfly Locs

Passion twists butterfly locs are a breathtaking fusion of two distinctive and stylish hair trends. Passion twists have a springy and coiled texture which add an extra dimension to classic butterfly locs.

This gorgeous hairstyle is absolutely stunning!

3) Seductive Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are absolutely mesmerizing which exudes a divine elegance to a woman. These locs have a distinct combination of thick, textured strands and delicate, and flowing ends.

4) Extra Long Soft Locs Crochet Hair

Up you style game with extra long soft loc crochet hair, exuding elegance and authenticity. The versatile crochet technique ensures a secure and lightweight installation, allowing for creative styling options.

5) Distress Soft Loc

Distressed soft locs give a unique and edgy twist to the classic soft locks hairstyle. It looks rugged yet stylish and adds character and depth to your hairstyle.

The fraying and textured look give an effortlessly cool vibe. If you are fond of length then there is no better option than this one.

Gorgeous and elegant, with this you will not even feel the weight of the braids! So shall we get it then?


6) Jumbo Crisp Soft Hair

The jumbo crisp soft locs are another kind that you should definitely try out! Jumbo crisp soft hair add volume and texture to the traditional soft hair style.

The Boho influence of the slight brownish hairstyle will escalate your charm manifold. Try this jumbo soft locs and you won’t regret.

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7) Crispy Boho Soft Curls

The crispy Boho soft curls with a reddish hue are something that will never miss out on praises and admiration! The idea such an exotic idea that you should not miss out on it!

8) Clip-on Black Soft Loc

Here is another Bohemian-inspired style that you must check out! The additional clip-on is so intricate and certainly a great choice for you to acquire.

9) Middle Parted Soft Locs

You can adorn your hair in different styles when you are getting the classic soft locs! This middle parting idea with smooth black braids. The middle parting add sophistication to loc.

The middle part butterfly locs highlights the facial features and is suitable for all occasions. The style matches every outfit and complements your look well!

10) Jumbo Soft Loc

These give you a distinguished look and a wonderful volume to your scalp! You can customize the look with extra extensions as well! So shall we try it out then?

11) Stylish Bohemian Soft Loc

This idea brings a twist to the classic Bohemian soft locs! These locs blend a laid-back charm with an elegant twist, offering a seamless combination of natural appeal and modern flair.

Stylish Bohemian Soft Loc
Soft Locs Middle Part (lolo.did.my.hair)

12) Brown Distress Soft Locs

Brown distress soft locs side part adds the warmth of rich brown hues resulting in a uniquely captivating hairstyle.

This rugged yet chic style gives a modern bold twist to soft locs.

13) Pull Up Soft Locs

Elevate your look with updos, buns, or ponytails. Pull up soft locs add elegance, playfulness and sophistication to your overall get up.

14) Ginger Soft Locs

How can you miss out on the ginger soft locs? The beauty of the hairstyle is an idea by locsbybisolamichal and such an exotic idea for you to indulge in. You can get it into a top ponytail!

Ginger Soft Locs
Ginger Soft Locs

15) Long Soft Locs

This black and blonde soft locs look dramatic! The thick black and block locs are admirable to observe!

16) Ombre Knotless Locs

The ombre soft locs are another exclusive idea that shows a transition between black and brown! The ombre effect is well portrayed by theasiajoliexperiencee and you can check it out as a source of inspiration. So shall we then?

Ombre Knotless Locs

17) Bohemian in Golden

If you are fond of the golden shade then you should try out this style! So what are you waiting for?

18) Platinum Soft Locs

Platinum locs add a lot of drama and edginess to the any soft locs styles. This stunning hair style is stunning and sophisticated.

19) Crispy Soft Locs

The classic crispy soft locs are another design that you can emulate to stick to the basics and yet come across as dynamic and stylish! You should check it out for the next summer look!

20) Natural Mix Soft Locs

The Natural Mix Soft locs are gorgeous and you should try them out! Here you can combine the natural strands with the soft loc to create this fabulous hairstyle for yourself!

21) Fire Orange Soft Locs

This fire orange soft locs look fun and fiery! Orange color adds a burst of confidence and buzz to your appearance, making a powerful style statement wherever you go.

22) Mermaid Locs

Mermaid locs hairstyle is certainly a head-turner! This multi-color textured style evokes the mysteries of mermaid and ocean.

23) Jumbo Red and Black Soft Locs

The crispy soft locs are an innovative way of styling your hair! The combination of two shades makes them even more fascinating and gorgeous to try out!

24) Half Up and Half Down Whimsical Hairstyle

The half-up and half-down hairstyles are elegant and whimsical! You are instantly rendered with a sense of confidence as you carry this hairstyle! We have drawn inspiration from this and look how flawless it makes you!

25) Soft Locs with Side Parting

Soft texture and side parting add another of sophistication to soft lock hairstyle. This is another take on this traditional style. Love it? We sure do!

26) Slender Long Soft Locs

Well if you are considering increasing the length of the extensions then this idea is the right one for you! The smooth and slender long soft locs are beauty worth admiration.

27) Classic Soft Locs

This soft loc hairstyle are a love! Easy to install and long-lasting without any harm to your scalp!

28) Small Knotless Locs

These small knotless locs are lightweight alternative to traditional locs. These soft locs contour your shape and adds a touch of grace and sophistication to your look.

29) Natural Black Soft Loc

The twenty four-inch-long natural soft loc in black is admirable and certainly needs lots of praise! If you wish to be the center of attraction then go ahead.

30) Accessorized Soft Locs

Adorned with a variety of accessories, from beads, rings and cuffs to colorful threads, these locs become a canvas for personal expression. Whether you’re styling for a bohemian vibe or a bold statement, accessorized soft locs offer a distinctive way to showcase your individuality and flair.

31) Knotless Soft Locs

Here is another way of acquiring knotless soft locs!

32) Go Green

Yes indeed! You can go all green with the green locs transitioning into black with this gorgeous idea right here for you to indulge in!

33) Bohemian Soft Locs in black

The Jet Black shade of your hair and the long and slender braids give you a distinguished look of confidence and beauty!

34) Crispy Soft Ginger Locs

Let us help you to acquire these mind-blowing long and crispy soft ginger locs that are not only gorgeous but also so easy for you to maintain.

35) High Soft Knots

The best part about having ombre soft locs is that you can style them anyhow you wish to! For instance, here we have the carefree and confident high top knot look which resembles natural tress.

36) Maroon Soft Locs with Shells

You can not only get your hair dyed with maroon highlights but also get some shell earrings dangled to the braids! You will receive lots of attention from the guys for sure!

37) Multicolored Soft Locs

Multicolored Soft Locs add loads of vibrancy and playfulness to the classic hairstyle. With different hues woven throughout the locs, these locks become a work of art embodying your sense of style and individualism.

38) Butterfly Locs with Accessories

Butterfly locs with accessories infuse glamour and edginess to your soft locs. Accessories such as rings, beads, or even wraps make your hairstyle eye-catching.

39) Burgundy Soft Locs

Burgundy is a bold and popular color. Burgundy color infuse a rich and sensuousness to soft locs.

40) Distressed Soft Locs Bob

Are you ready for a chic and stylish look? Well, then you should try out this idea which is amazing to confer you with a sense of confidence. So do not miss out on this one!

41) Knotless Braids

How wonderful are these slender and smooth knotless braids which are a form of soft locs!

42) Soft Locs with Middle Parting

If you wish to modify the look of soft locs then we can help you out here! This idea gives you a distinguished sense of style and aura! Be ready to spread your charm wherever you go!

43) Blonde Bombshell

The twenty-four-inch blonde soft locs are magnificent! You will be the talk of the town with this brand-new hairstyle! Carry the charm of a Disney princess if you had such a dream in your childhood! Yes, you will resemble Rapunzel!

44) Soft Locs for the teen kids

Surprise your little ones with this idea of soft locs with curls at the end!

45) Textured Soft Locs

Easy to carry and feeling light on the head, textured locs are the best choice for the season! We are an absolute fan of this middle-parted soft locs idea for summer!

46) Side-parted Maroon Soft Locs

The maroon soft locs are given a unique look with the middle parting! This is so graceful and such an exotic idea that you should not miss out on!

47) Knotless Braids

48) Chocolate Soft Locs

Get the carefree and effortless look with the messy soft locs. Mesmerizing and fabulous, this is the right option for you to explore. Indulge in something out of the box this time!

49) Purple Soft Locs

Feeling adventurous? Choose purple hue for your soft locs.

50) Soft Locs with Loc Knots

Locs knots add another dimension to traditional soft locs. It can also be used with short soft locs hair styles.

51) High Bun Small Soft Locs

52) Blonde Butterfly Locs

53) Soft Locs with Blue Ends

54) Mid-Length Butterfly Locs

55) 18″ Barbie Pony Tail

56) Jazz it up with clips and beads

57) Boho Soft Locs

Boho Soft Locs
Boho Soft Locs

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What do you need for Soft Locs?

These are the types of hair and products you’ll need for soft locs:

  1. Any good quality soft locs. The length of soft locs could be of your choice like : 12″, 18″, 36″
  2. Conditioning Gel
  3. Crochet Needle
  4. Spring Twist Hair 
  5. Rat tail combs for hair styling
  6. Mousse
  7. Accessories for hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soft Loc a Protective Style?

Soft locs are definitely a great way to keep your original hair strands protected! They are tucked away safely so that the natural hair is not exposed to the external environment directly.

How Much Time Does Soft Loc Installation Take?

How long does soft locs take? Locs take a lot of time to get installed as we know! It is safe to say that an entire day is spent at the salon when you are planning to install locs! However, you shall be surprised to know that soft locs on the other hand only require about two to five hours to get done with perfection! Yes, it is this quick!

How are Soft Locs Installed?

Getting soft locs is pretty easy! You can wrap them around the natural hair or try the crochet and cornrow methods which are pre-made methods to acquire them faster.

Is There Any Preliminary Method For Taking Care of The Soft Locs?

There are certain lifestyle changes that you have to adapt to maintain the soft locs for more than a week!

The first thing is you cannot get into bed without covering the locs in a cloth or else throughout the night they will rub against the surface of the pillow and get frizzy!

This can also loosen up the grip! So you can wrap your hair in silk and a satin bonnet or even a soft scarf will do!

Another instance, is when you are taking a bath, make sure that you cover your head with a shower cap so that water does not seep into the locs and cause them to get loose around the roots!

There are several hydrating products in the market that you may use if you wish to keep the natural strands intact within the soft locs! Even though they are covered they might need moisture and care!

So is it Possible For You to Water the Soft Locs?

If you thought that it is not possible to wash your hair then you are not right! The soft locs can indeed be watered but you should keep your fingers concentrated around the scalp!

Gently stir the shampoo and allow it to run down voluntarily on its own! This way you will not run your fingers through the locs and untangle them!

How Long Does Soft Locs Last?

If you take proper care of your hair then the soft locs can last as long as four weeks to up to six weeks! However, after that, we recommend you get them removed as the locs can create continuous tension on the natural roots and weaken your original hair strands. The stress on the scalp can weaken your hair and cause hair loss in the long run.

When do I Know That it is Time To Get The Soft Locs Removed?

When the locs create excess tension on the hair strands and the root seems to be under tension, you will get to know that the time for the removal of the locs has arrived. At this point, you can apply conditioner to remove the locs as they will smoothly slide down!

What is The Average Price for Getting Soft Locs?

You shall have to spend an average of $200-400 for getting soft locs installed in your hair although the price may vary depending on the length you wish to acquire.

Can You Distinguish Between Faux Locs and Soft Locs?

Any locs such as butterfly locs or Bohemian locs or Soft locs all are a kind of faux locs. Any fake locs are regarded as faux locs! In other words, all locs other than dreadlocks are faux locs!

What are the Products You Need For Getting Soft Locs?

To get soft locs at home you will need a couple of items and ingredients! They are listed below:

  • 8 packs of 18" locs

  • Rat tail comb

  • Crochet needle

  • Mousse

  • Spring twist Hair

Soft Locs Installation Method

Some easy steps to get soft locs this season:

  1. First, begin with the process of parting the hair from the middle. 
  2. Hair moisturizer and then straightener is used.
  3. Apply some shine n jam to part the hair into sleek sections.
  4. Now you have to braid the sections that you have divided.
  5. The braid can extend till the end or midway!
  6. Then a crochet needle is used to twist and spin the hair with the locs.
  7. Then at the end, the spring twist hair is wrapped around each locs as you complete each section.
  8. Finally, you apply the mousse and you are good to go!

Your soft locs are ready to be flaunted!

What is the Knotless Method of Soft Locs Application?

  • Again one needs to cleanly part the hair strands into sections with the aid of moisturizer and straightener.
  • Shine n jam is added to get the proper neat sections.
  • Separate plaits need to be done before you start with the application of the locs!
  • The crochet needle is used to plaid the locs with the hair a little below where the plait starts! This is the way for you to obtain the knotless look!
  • Then use the spring twist hair to wrap a little below where the plait starts.

Is there a Way to Extend Soft Locs?

Follow these easy steps to learn how to extend the soft locs:

  • Loop near the bottom of the loc and then get them divided into two!
  • Now braid them separately to get the long extensions.
  • You can also make use of nail glue to secure the first with the second loc as an alternative method.
  • Then lay the edges and apply a mousse on the surface of the strands.

Soft locs vs Butterfly Locs

Soft locs use locs which are softer locs whereas Butterfly locs are stiffer. Soft locs are also cleaner while butterfly locs are messier. 

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