50 Flat Twist Hairstyles in 2024 To Blow Your Mind!

What are Flat Twists?

Flat twist hairstyles is a popular and versatile protective style that is low on maintenance and low on manipulation. To achieve this look, the hair is divided into workable sections and then they are either divided into two equal parts and twisted or braided at the scalp and then twisted at the bottom. This hairstyle can be worn only for a few days otherwise it starts to unravel and tangle with each other.

Stunning Flat Twist Hairstyles For Women in 2024

Flat Twists with Petal Buns

Flat Twist Updo

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Natural Two Strand Flat Twist

Charming Flat Twist Hairstyles

Protective Hairstyle

Flat Twists for Natural Hair

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Flat Twist with Feed-in Braids

Flat Twists with Curls

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Side Flat Twist

Natural style Flat Twist With Two Strand Twist

Flat Twist Pin Down

Flat Twists with Bun

Flat Twist with Accessories

Healthy Flat Twists

Protective Flat Twists Updo

Flat Twists with Threading

Flat Twist with Jade

Flat Twist with Jade

Tucked Flat Twist

Decorative Flat Twists

Trendy Flat Twists

Flat Twisted Updo

Cornrows with Flat Twist

Flat Twist & Curl

Retro Flat Twist and Curl

Flat Twists Winter Protective Style

Three Strand Twists

Flat Twist Made with Natural Hair

Cornrows with Flat Twists

Classy Flattwist Bun

Neat Flat Twists

Marley Flat Twists

Stunning Flat Twists

Purple Flat Twists

Space Buns with Flat Twists

Flat Twist Updo with a Twist Side Bang

Flat Twisted Updo with Hair Added to the Ends

Flat Twisted Updo with Kinky Spring Twist Hair

Jumbo Flat Twisted Pin Up

Stylish Flat Twist Hairstyles For Men

Flat Twists with Beads

Stylish Flat Twists for Men

Cute Flat Twists Hairstyles For Kids

Flat Twists & Two Strand Twists

How Long Do Flat Twists Last?

Flat twisted hair is an extremely popular and versatile protective hairstyle that can be achieved with or without hair extensions. In my experience, flat twist hair style when installed without extensions has a shorter life span than flat twisted hair installed with extensions.

This is because when extensions are added, they stop our natural hair from rubbing against one another, leading to less matting and tangling.

So, this hairstyle can last somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon the style you went for. Also, taking good care of your twist hair can help you keep the hairstyle for a little longer but that is not advisable because, past the 4-week mark, your hair is in desperate need of a wash.

Keeping a hairstyle for too long can also lead to breakage, scalp infections, and subsequently hair loss.   

Is It Better To Flat-Twist Wet or Dry Hair?

I personally like to twist the hair on wet or slightly damp hair because it is easier to manage wet hair. However, you can easily achieve the same results on dry hair. In fact, it is better for your hair’s health to twist on dry hair because wet hair tends to be more fragile than dry hair.

How Do You Flat Twist Your Own Hair?

A flat twist is one of the easiest DIY protective hairstyles. You can achieve this hairstyle on both dry and slightly damp hair. Follow these steps to do a flat twist on your own-

1) Prep the hair: Shampoo, condition, and moisturize your hair. If you wash your hair a day before, then I recommend spraying some water on tresses to lightly dampen them.

2) Apply Curling Cream: Apply a generous amount of curling cream to the lengths of your hair.

3) Divide your hair into workable sections: Depending upon how big you want the flat twists to be, divide your hair into workable sections. Use banana clips and bobby pins for more accuracy.

4) Start twisting: Comb to detangle the section you’ll be working on and then divide the section into two parts. Start twisting your hair from the roots to the bottom. The twists should be secure but not very tight. Make sure that it doesn’t create a lot of tension on your scalp. Repeat in other sections.

5) Lay Edges: Lay your edges with an edge gel for a sleek style. Now, let your flat twist hair air dry.

What Are Mini Twists?

Mini flat twisted hair as the name suggests is an variation of the flat twisted hairstyle. Due to its small size, this hairstyle is most suitable for people who don’t want to add any extensions to their hair and rock a natural hairstyle. This hairstyle tends to last somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks.

However, washing these twists and redoing them is extremely easy. Therefore, it is the perfect low-effort hairstyle for people with itchy or irritated scalps.

Are Flat Twists Good For Natural Hair?

Yes, flat twist hair is a wonderful protective hairstyle for natural hair. It is also a great way to stretch your natural hair.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Twisting Your Hair?

Advantages of Twisting Your Hair

1) Low Manipulation: You do not have to comb or style your flat twisted hair often.

2) Low Maintenance: Not only can you achieve this hairstyle on your own but also you can wash and redo the style without any professional health.

3) Versatile: Flat twisted hair can be achieved on all hair types and you can easily change how long or big you want the twists to be. Plus, flat twisted hair can be styled in several different ways.

4) Improves Hair Health: Since a flat twist is a protective hairstyle, it protects the hair from environmental factors and reduces breakage. A well-maintained flat twisted hair will also keep the hair moisturized and hydrated.

Disadvantages of Twisting Your Hair

1) Creates Tension On Scalp: Really tight twists can lead to hair loss because they tug the hair at the roots.

2) Cause Matting and Tangling: Not properly washing the twists and failing to keep your hair moisturized can lead to matting and tangling.

3) Dryness and Breakage: Prolonging a hairstyle might seem convenient but it is actually harmful in the long run as your hair can dry out, become weak, and then break.

Do Flat Twists Damage Hair?

Yes and no. The answer tends to depend on how well you take care of your hair, style it, sleep in it, and how long you keep the hairstyle in. Every hairstyle has its pros and cons. So, do flat twisted hair.

For instance, the most egregious way in which flat twist hair can damage your hair is by tightly twisting them, which not only creates tension on your scalp and overstretches your hair but also tugs the hair strands at the root, which leads to hair loss.

On the other hand, when installed properly, this protective hairstyle is very comfortable for people who want to take a break from adding extensions to their hair or wearing a wig.

It is also a wonderful natural hairstyle for people with sensitive scalps, as you have good access to your scalp and can wash it regularly. I love flat twist styles because it is super easy to do it on yourself and teach teenagers.

How Do You Maintain Flat Twists?

The key to maintaining flat twists is following a strict nighttime hair care routine and retwisting the hair after a week or week-and-a-half. At night, after tending to your scalp, spray some water on your hair and apply a good moisturizer that hydrates and moisturizes your hair.

Once the moisturizer is properly applied, style your hair using the pineapple method. To style your hair using the pineapple method all you need is a loose scrunchie or a silk or satin scarf.

Bend over so that your hair is pointing to the ground. Gather all of the hair so that it meets on the crown of your head and tie a crunchie or a scarf around it to secure the hair.

You can also opt for retwisting the hair into larger twists rather than the pineapple method. Wrap your hair in a silk or satin bonnet. In the morning, remove the scrunchie and detangle your hair with your hands as much as possible. Then spray some water once again and apply a curling cream to style your hair in the desired style.

What Twists Are Best For Natural Hair?

There are several variations of natural twisted hair and every single one of them is just as beautiful as the next. Twists are a low-cost and low-effort protective hairstyle that is extremely comfortable to wear and great for people who don’t want a lot of tension on their scalp. It not only helps you avoid hair breakage but also defines the pattern of your curls.

As someone who has styled my hair in several twist styles, I can say with some confidence that almost all variations of the twists are good for your natural hair. One hairstyle doesn’t necessarily stand out to me. Now, let us take a look at the different types of natural hair twists.

1) Passion twists: To install passion twists, the natural hair is braided and then wrapped with wavy hair for added protection and character.

2) Two-strand twists: Two-strand twists are a low-on manipulation protective hairstyle where the head is divided into smaller sections and then each section is divided into two parts which are then twisted together. 

3) Senegalese twists: In my opinion, Senegalese twists are perfect for people who want a relaxed yet seemingly clean and professional natural hairstyle. This style is achieved by wrapping the hair in synthetic hair and twisting it to achieve what can only be described as something hair that looks like rope.

4) Marley Twists: Named after the iconic Bob Marley, this type of twisted hairstyle is perfect for kinky/coily hair, requires very little maintenance, and tends to last longer than other twist types.

Can I Shampoo Flat Twist Hair?

Although flat twists are one of the easiest protective hairstyles you can do with your natural hair, many people don’t like to get this hairstyle because of the difficulties they face while washing their hair, especially the matting of the hair at the roots. In this section, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips that make the wash days go by easily.

In my experience as a hairstylist and a hair expert, taking regular care of your hair before wash days makes shampooing and conditioning that much easier. What I mean by that is detangling hair regularly or every night and making sure that your hair is healthy and moisturized.

When my hair is flat twisted I like to remove shedded hair at least once or twice a week during my nightly process by redoing the twists. Removing shedded hair is a great way to prolong your hairstyle, and avoid matting and tangling while washing hair. It can also lead to breakage of healthy hair while shampooing and make the process longer.

Now, while shampooing your twisted hair, wet your hair with warm or lukewarm water and then apply the shampoo to your scalp and twist. I recommend working in sections and having patience while shampooing. Apply a generous amount of shampoo to your scalp and massage it carefully.

Massaging too vigorously and aggressively can cause your natural hair to detangle and become matted.  Apply a deep conditioner after rinsing the hair with warm water.

Leave the conditioner on for at least 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Wrap your hair in a towel and let it air dry before applying curling cream, sealing oil, and moisturizer. 

Will Flat Twisting My Hair Damage It?

Flat twists have several benefits for your natural hair, however, when improperly kept and styled, you are at risk of damaging your hair. Let us discuss how.

Tightly twisting your hair and not loosening it up for a couple of weeks can and will create a lot of tension on your scalp, lead to hair breakage at the root, and even promote serious issues like traction alopecia, which is caused by pulling your hair into tight styles.

Flat twists are known for stopping hair breakage and hair loss, only when they are properly taken care of after installation. Completely neglecting your hair, for instance not cleaning your scalp, moisturizing your hair, or sleeping without a hair wrap, can cause your hair to dry out and can even cause a scalp infection.

Lastly, leaving the twists in for longer than prescribed can make your hair dry and brittle, and can cause severe matting and tangling at the roots.

How Do You Sleep With Flat Twists?

Having a simple yet effective nighttime hair care routine is crucial for a healthy scalp and hair, along with maintaining a hairstyle. Flat twisted hair is actually considered the best hairstyle for sleeping because it helps define curls, helps stretch the hair, and helps avoid tangling while sleeping.

So, if you are already sporting a flat twisted hairstyle, then your nighttime routine tends to be really easy. Before wrapping a bonnet around my hair, I like to tend to my scalp and hair.

I recommend cleaning your scalp every day or once every two to three days with a scalp-cleaning solution or an astringent. Follow it up with a scalp soothing serum, lotion, or cream.

Now, move on to the hair. I like to redo my twists every two weeks. So, carefully undo the twists, detangle them with a wide-toothed comb, and apply a good moisturizer before redoing them.

On other nights, I tend to spray some water on my hair, apply a moisturizer, and then apply a mousse. The mousse helps to give the twists a fresh and clean look.

After applying the mousse, I wrap the twists around my head with bobby pins. The wrapping method not only helps maintain volume and keep the curls defined but it also stretches the hair.

Finally, wrap your hair in a satin or silk bonnet and go to sleep. In the morning, simply remove the bobby pins and style your hair accordingly.

Are Flat Twists Protective?

Afro-textured hair tends to be very fragile and can break easily, even while doing normal hair care activities like brushing and washing hair.

To avoid hair breakage and hair loss from these manipulations and protect natural hair from damage caused by pollution, people with Afro-textured hair opt for hairstyles that protect their hair, known as protective hairstyles.

So, once this concept is clear, we can objectively look at the question that is if flat twist hairstyle is considered a protective hairstyle. I think that they do, even when this style is achieved without hair extensions.

This is because you can wear flat twisted hair for longer than a week and because it minimizes the manipulation caused to your hair.

Do Flat Twists Get Frizzy?

Yes, without proper care flat twists can get frizzy. To avoid your hair from getting frizzy, moisturize the twists daily and wear a satin or silk bonnet before sleeping. Also, keep your hair hydrated and redo the flat twists regularly. 

Do Flat Twists Stretch Hair?

A twist-out is an extremely popular heatless stretching technique. To stretch your hair with flat twists, divide damp hair into equal sections. Further, divide the sections into two strands and start twisting your hair. Apply a curling or moisturizing cream while twisting to the lengths of your hair and seal the end with a hair oil.

Leave it on overnight and then in the morning carefully twist them out. Make sure that your hair has properly dried before twisting the hair. The end result should be stressed hair with a defined curl pattern and a slight wave.

Once you have unraveled your hair, you can moisturize your hair and style however you like. This style tends to last a week with proper maintenance.

Should I Oil My Flat Twists?

Oiling your hair is one of the best ways to provide your hair and scalp with nourishment whilst simultaneously sealing in moisture and providing a gorgeous shine to your hair.

Since our natural hair oil cannot reach the lengths of our hair due to the kinky/coily texture of our hair, it is essential that we supplement this with oils like coconut, jojoba, or olive oil that are great for our hair and scalp.

I recommend applying a hair oil to your hair while twisting your hair or redoing your twists because that helps minimize friction between your hair and your palms, and helps you avoid frizzing of hair.

If you have an irritated or itchy scalp then applying coconut oil after cleaning the scalp can alleviate the tension caused by the braids to the scalp and soothe the irritated skin.

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