70 Hottest Tapered Haircuts for Women in 2024

In this article we will showcase some of the sassiest tapered haircuts for women. Women who rock short hairstyles are always admired for their boldness and risk-taking. Not only do they incorporate a woman’s natural curl pattern but it also defines the face shape.

Short hair with tapered sides is a great way for women to get back to their roots. Plus, they can be customized to the individual’s face shape and likeness.

Tapered hairstyles are not just exclusive to short hair. They also look amazing on twists, twist-outs, wash-and-go, braids, Flexi rods, and much more.

Tapered sides even give you the flexibility to add undercut designs to spice your look. Tapered hair is also favored for the following reasons-

  1. Less product use: With tapered sides you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time on styling and will even conserve your products.
  2. Promotes healthy hair growth: If you wish to grow your natural hair out and want to stay away from constantly applying heat to your hair, then go for a protective haircut with tapered sides.
  3. Accentuates the face: Tapered hair accentuates your facial features. Tapered hair can be customized to your face shape, size, and hairline. Therefore, it helps accentuates your natural beauty and features.

Maintenance Tips

Follow these maintenance tips for a fresh fade:

  1. Visit your barber regularly. If you wish to maintain the faded look, then visit your barber regularly for a trim as soon as you notice growth.
  2. Always sleep while either wearing a silk or satin scarf or on a silk or satin pillowcase.

Tapered Haircuts for Black Women

Here’s a compilation of a selection of tapered haircut styles suitable for black women with various natural hair textures and curl patterns. These tapered cuts ranging from short to long gracefully complement textured hair.

Curly Tapered Cuts

Cut Color Curly Tapered Hairstyle

Self Tapered Curly Cut

Brown Curly Tapered Cut

Natural Tapered Style

Pink Tapered Natural Hair

Blonde Bleach Tapered Hair

Blonde Bleach Tapered Hair

Two-tone Tapered Haircut

Bold Tapered Curls

Long Tapered Hair with Curls

Blonde Tapered

Ginger Tapered Cut

Ginger Tapered Cut

Curly Tapered Crochet

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Golden Blonde Tapered Style

Short Tapered Style

This summer, go for an extremely short haircut with tapered sides for utmost comfort and style.


Tapered Updo

Purple Natural Tapered Hair

White Hair Tapered Cut

Crespo Tapered Cut

Gray Crespo Fade Haircut

Natural Black Hair Cut

Grey Hair Tapered Cut

Tapered Natural Colored Hair

Natural Black Hair Tapered Cut

Natural Black Coils with Tapered Cut

Curly Natural Hair with Taper

Blue Mohawk with Tapered Haircut

Blue Hair with Tapered Haircut

Pink Curls with Tapered Hairstyle

Pink hair is unique as it is but it becomes even more elevated with tapered sides.

Taper with Purple Touch

Before/After Kink to Curls with a Taper

Orange Short Hair with Taper

Tapered Pixie Cut

Here is another variation of pixie cut for black women.

Custom Blend of Purples with Skunk Patch

Short Hair with Color Pop

Short Quickweaves

Heart Design

A simple heart design on short tapered hair is cost-effective and highlights your feminine personality.

Wavy Hair

Blonde TWA

Blonde TWA
Blonde TWA

Burgundy Hair with Taper

Aztec Fade Design

Aztec designs add a unique dynamic to your tapered hair.

Aztec Fade Design
Aztec Fade Design

Neon Green Fade

Neon Green Fade
Neon Green Fade

Long Top with Tapered Sides

If you have got long hair and wish to try new and exciting looks, then keep the length of your hair and rock it with tapered sides.

Long Top with Tapered Sides

Adore #60 truly Red Fade Hair

Adore #60 truly Red Fade Hair

Bantu Knots with Undercut

Bantu knots are an incredible choice for a protective hairstyle and it looks even better with tapered sides and a stylish undercut design.

Bantu Knots with Undercut
Bantu Knots with Undercut

Flower Undercut

Your tapered hairstyle will pack all the punch when you choose an intricate, beautiful, and delicate flower undercut design.

Flower Undercut
Flower Undercut

Platinum Pixie Haircut with Tapered Sides

Enhance your platinum pixie haircut with tapered sides.

Platinum Pixie Haircut with Tapered Sides
Platinum Pixie Haircut with Tapered Sides

Bowl Cut with Tapered Sides

Another variation of black women pixie cut is the bowl cut is another daring hairstyle for natural hair that can be further defined by tapered sides.

Braids with Taper

Long-hair queens can rejoice because rocking an undercut look doesn’t require you to chop all of your beautiful locs. Braided hair with a chic undercut design can really accentuate your head’s shape.

Braids with Taper
Braids with Taper

Mohawk Braid with a Fade

Positive Message with Tapered Sides

You can do a lot of things with your tapered sides but you can make it special for everyone including you by writing a positive message.

Tapered Sides with a Message

Flame Fade

Embrace your fiery nature with a flame fade.

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