100+ Cutest Braids for Kids – Braided Hairstyles for Girls & Boys in 2024

Braids for kids are trending! There are so many braided hairstyles for kids, girls and boys that children are spoilt for choice!

Kids, just like adults, love to don new hairstyles, and as parents, you should encourage them to showcase their vibrant spirits! Protective kiddies braid hairstyles are best for them!

However, certain care and precautions must be taken. We will share with you tips to maintain braids for kids. So read on and learn more!

Braiding is a common hairstyle for kids! They are easy to maintain and do not harm the quality of the original strands.

Popular Braid Styles for Kids

Now that you have decided to get braids for your daughter, it is time for you to decide on the best little girl braid hairstyles for them! So are you wondering which are the popular kids’ hairstyles?

Whether girls or boys, the box braids and the cornrows are the best options for the kids on the market. These are the best because you can always customise the looks! From ponytails to top knots, the options are simply endless.

Braided Hairstyles for Girls for 2024

We present to you the most exhaustive collection of hairstyles for black girls and boys! Thank us later for black kids braids hairstyles pictures 😉

Braids for Girls

1) Colorful Bows and Beads with Braids

Your little girl will surely appreciate this idea of colorful beads and giant bows on the head which gives a wonderful and feisty aura to her presence. This natural hair style is perfect for little girls!

Big Pink Bow and Beads with Braids for Girls

2) Back To School Heart Braids for Kids

We have tried this Valentine’s Day look on the kids with the heart hairstyle braids. Get your daughter ready for the day with this special hairstyle.

Heart Shaped Bairds
Heart Shaped Braids (ponpon_sisters)

3) Double Ponytails

Here is another gorgeous hairstyle for the little ones that you should try out! Get your daughter ready for the day with this special hairstyle.

Two ponytails braided up
Two ponytails braided up (libbyhaircare)

4) Multiple Small Knots with Purple Beads

This kids braided hairstyles with beads is ultra-cute. We have created multiple small knots and the hairstyle looks simply so adorable! The rest of it is pulled into a braid and then pink clips are attached at the end of it to finish the look!

Multiple Small Knots with Purple Beads
Multiple Small Knots with Purple Beads (libbyhaircare)

5) Half Braids and Half Ponytail

Instead of making a full braid or full ponytail, we have combined both and the idea has come out to be a wonderful option!

Half Braids and Half Ponytail
Half Braids and Half Ponytail (the_hairstyle_mumma)

6) Afro-Unicorn Horns: Ultra Cute Children’s Braids

We have styled the braids into unicorn horns. They will surely find this idea to be magical just like their unicorn friends in fairytales.

Afro-Unicorn Horns
Afro-Unicorn Horns (kalina.luella)

7) Beaded Braids

Let us help you to design the beaded braids. Fascinating and you may use any combination of beads to create a chain at the end of these braids! What an adorable choice! Complete it with a bow.

Beaded Braids
Toddler hairstyles black girl (prettyhair4kidz)

8) Red and White Bow Braids

First braids are made and then pulled them into two top knots! It is lovely for the little ones! They will surely be impressed with this hairstyle. This one is for Valentine’s Day.

Red and White Bow Braids (mojo_sistas)

9) Purple and Yellow Berries Braids

If you’re looking for back-to-school cute braids for 10 year olds then look no further. We have come up with gorgeous purple and yellow berries braids which seem like the real branches of the berry plant!

Purple and Yellow Berries Braids
Purple and Yellow Berries Braids (mianimiller)

10) Top Knot with Butterfly Clips

We have brought this exclusive braided hairstyles for little girls for the holiday season.

Top Knot with Butterfly Clips
Top Knot with Butterfly Clips (_xa.xu_)

11) Twisted Braids for the Boys

If you were looking for braid ideas for the boys then we have one for you here. Your child will thank you for this stylish look later!

Twisted Braids for the Boys (jslaycosmetologist)

12) Heart-shaped Braids

Here is another way to create braids in the form of hearts. Do not forget to use the shimmering heart clips as well. What a lovely idea to try out!

Heart-shaped Braids
Heart-shaped Braids (school_hair_dont_care)

13) Criss-cross Braids with Beads

We have brought you the crisscross braids which resemble the rung of a ladder. Braided beaded hair styles are always a hit with girls. This style with red beads at the end add extra-oomph to the style!

Criss-cross Braids with Beads
Criss-cross Braids with Beads (quoia2680)

14) Elegant V-Day Heart

We have come up with another V-Day hairstyle that is so elegant and perfect to check out!

Elegant V-Day Heart Hairstyles
Elegant V-Day Heart (clairesbraidbar)

15) Classic Braids

We have made use of braids to cover the entire head and yet this idea is so simple and yet elegant!

Classic Braids
Classic Braids (elastiques_girl)

16) Cool Braids

Multiple braids hang from all directions! Meant for the ones with short hair, check out the idea for 8-10 years old .

17) Braids with a Bow

Here is another way to acquire the criss-cross braids for your child!

Braids with a Bow
Braids with a Bow (hails.hair)

18) Boho Kids Knotless Braids

This one’s for teen kids who are obsessed with braids and locs. The combination of boho hairstyle with knotless braids leave everyone completely smitten as they lay an eye on this design.

Boho Knotless Braids
Boho Knotless Braids (prettyhair4kidz)

19) Box Braids for Kids

The box braids for kids are the most common idea of all and yet a classic option! The below shown box braids for 8 year olds maybe just apt for your kid.

Box Braids for Kids
Box Braids for Kids (thefamilysalongh)

20) Cute Little Black Girl Braided Hairstyles: Inspiration from Heart

The gorgeous braids with a hearty pattern are what you need to make your kids happy! The braids hanging on the shoulder are perfect for kids with short hair!

Funky Braid Hairstyles for Girls

21) Braids with Red and Pink Bow

The giant red bow along with the subtle presence of pink makes these braids look extremely pretty!

22) Braids with White Beads

Here is another braid styles for 10 year olds that you should not miss out on! All you need are some transparent white beads that dangle at the end.

Braids with White Beads
Braids with White Beads (zakirahbae)

23) Little Black Girls Hairstyles Braids with Multicolor Beads

Here come the multi-color beaded braids that you will surely find to be a great option!

Multi-color Beaded Braids
Multi-color Beaded Braids (novemberlov3)

24) Dazzling Neon Braids for Kids Girls

Pretty and adorable, your child will be delighted to flaunt this hairstyle with dazzling neon braids among their friends. So what are you waiting for?

Dazzling Neon Braids
Dazzling Neon Braids (magicmaneshair)

25) Go All Pink

Look how happy this kid appears with the pink beads! Her smile is almost contagious! If you wish to see the same on your child’s face then get this one done for them right away!

26) Protective Braids

How can we miss out on the protective braids which are adorned with braids and further beautified with giant and glimmering bows?! You can draw inspiration from this idea.

27) Rainbow Braids

This rainbow braids look so stunning!

28) Multicolored Braided Ponytails

29) Ponytail with Bows and Heart Braids

You uniquely style the braids with the heart braids! Gorgeous, the giant bow is the highlight of the designs!

30) Braided Ponytail with the Curls

A braided ponytail is a wonderful option that looks so gorgeous on the kids!

Ponytail with the Curls
Ponytail with the Curls (slaynattraction)

31) Gorgeous Hairdo for Toddlers

There is a party to attend if you wish to get your toddler decked up for the occasion!

32) Beautiful Braids

The elegant and beautiful braids are another great idea that you should definitely try out!

33) Braided Ponytail Locs

The braided locs pulled into a ponytail are a wonderful idea that you should not miss out on!

34) Braided Buns

We are absolutely in love with the braided buns. Gorgeous and graceful, if your child has a piano event or ballet show then try out this hairstyle for sure.

35) Chic Top Knot

How can we miss out on this gorgeous and chic top knot that is indeed so easy to make?

Chic Top Knot
Chic Top Knot (teju_hairbraiding_)

36) Braids with Space Buns

This little girl ponytails with weave is stunning with 2 space buns for more fun!

37) Blue and Black Braids

Here is another idea that will completely away you off your feet!

Blue and Black Braids
Blue and Black Braids (danifelis.trancista)

38) Side Ponytails with Curls

The side ponytails with curls are absolutely exclusive options that the kids will find fascinating!

Side Ponytails with Curls
Side Ponytails with Curls (hair_by_roobzie)

39) Lemonade Braids

Let us help you to make the lemonade braids. The kids are extremely fond of this choice and you can impress your child with a similar look! So what are you waiting for?

Lemonade Braids
Lemonade Braids (braiding.bliss)

40) Small Knotless Braids

We have come up with small knotless braids which are simply mind-blowing!

Small Knotless Braids
Small Knotless Braids (slaynattraction)

41) Long Birthday Hairdo

Outstanding, this can be the best gift on their birthday. Easy to make and super easy to maintain, try out this idea for sure.

42) Short Protective Style

Here is another short and protective style that we are sure you will fall in love with!

43) Two Side Knots with Bows

The two side knots with a bow require a middle parting! This is a protective hairstyle ideal for kids! You can use bright pink bows to complete the look of the hairstyle!

Two Side Knots with Bows
Two Side Knots with Bows

44) Two Side Knots with Bows

If you wish to customize the look for the Halloween season then the beaded braids are perfect to check out! There is a spooky Halloween bow along with a combination of red and black braids!

45) Pumpkin Braids

We have come up with pumpkin braids that are simply delightful!

46) Cornrow Braids for Kids

Look how overjoyed this child is and so proud of the Minnie Mouse bun that she has got! Girl’s cornrow hairstyles are always popular among young kids!

Cornrow Braids for Kids
Cornrow styles for toddlers

47) Short Braids with Black Bows

This look comprises two ponytails which are made by pulling the braids into two sections with a middle parting!

Short Braids with Black Bows
Short Braids with Black Bows (hair_by_roobzie)

48) Braids with Giant Red and White Beads

Braids with Giant Red and White Beads (novemberlov3)

49) Tribal Tetris Braids

Rightly named, your child’s look will be transformed into that of a cute superstar with these braids. Kids tribal braids are trending this year… don’t miss out on this one!

Tribal braids for toddlers
Tribal Tetris Braids – tribal braids for toddlers

50) Braids with Natural Hair

Braids are amazing and kids love them too! If your child is a fan of braids as well then you must surprise them with these braids.

Braids with Natural Hair
Braids with Natural Hair (minimidi87)

51) Gorgeous Red Beaded Braids

You simply can not take your eyes off the beaded braids in red.

Gorgeous Red Beaded Braids (personastyles)

52) Multicolored Ribbons Braid

Here is a toddler braids idea that consists of all shades in the form of ribbons tied to the braids and a giant yellow and white bow which looks extremely pretty!

Multicolored Ribbons Braid
Multicolored Ribbons Braid (hair_by_roobzie)

53) Braids for Kids with Big Beads

This black little girl braids hairstyle is groovy!

Box braids for Kids with Big Beads
Braids for Kids with Big Beads (crystal.__braids)

54) Feeder Braids Kids Hairstyle

Feeder toddler braiding hairstyles are easy to have and maintain!

55) Braids for Little Girls

56) Lemonade Braids Variation

If you’re looking for braid styles for teenager then look no further. This kid braid style is a heard turner!

57) Crochet Ponytails

Crochet hairstyles for kids
Crochet hairstyles for kids

58) Princess Braids

59) Braids with Clips

60)  Kids Butterfly Locs

Kids Butterfly Locs is a cute and playful style that is especially suitable to kids. Soft and textured faux locs with a wavy or curly end are light and comfortable- just perfect for kids.

61) Braids for Kids

62) Braids with Green Ribbons

63) Dutch braids with Extensions

64) Small Box Locs

Personally, I love this black girl braided hairstyle.

65) Jumbo Box Braids

Kids box braids are protective styles that safe and yet easy to maintain. These jumbo box braids with clips and ribbon are effervescently stylish!

66) Ponytail Braids

This little black girl’s hairstyles braids is cool yet so simple!

67) Natural Buffs with Braids

68) Ponytails with Transparent Beads

There are no dearth of stylish black little girl hairstyles. This ponytail braid looks perfect on this cute girl!

69) Medium Knotless Braids

The medium knotless braids are another fabulous idea that we are sure you will find unique as well as exotic!

School Hairstyles for Girls

70) Knotless Braids for Kids

71) Short Braids with Bright Red Beads

Here is a great kids braids styles idea if the toddler has short hair!

72) White Beaded Black Children’s Hairstyles Braids

We have another braiding styles for 10 year olds here for the chic white beaded braids which will look outstanding on your daughter.

White Beaded Braids
White Beaded Braids (slaynattraction)

73) Green and Silver Beaded Braids

Kids braids with beads are always popular with girls. Green and silver beaded braids had to make it to the list!

74) Pink Braid with Curls

75) Tribals Half/Half Braids


76) Knotless Braids


76) Heart Style with a Touch of Blue Braids for Little Girls

77) Colorful Braid Extensions

Color always uplifts a hairstyle. Kids hairstyles for girls with colored braids are perfect for a party or a vacation.

78) Back to School Feedin and Simple Cornrows Hairstyle

Kids cornrows make look edgy but give a child a confident persona! Kids feed in braids are always in fashion and look uber chic!

cornrow hairstyles for girls
Cornrow hairstyles for girls (temishairplace)

#feed in braids ponytail with curly hair

79) Natural Hair Braids

This kids hair style is definitely rocking and will make her the most popular girl in the class!

80) Natural Braids for Small Girls

Now, these kiddies hair braid styles are something to try. Supercool, fun and colorful. That’s what every lil girl wants!!!

81) Pink Bubble Braids for Girls

Pink Bubble Braids for Kids
Pink Bubble Braids for Kids

82) Pink Braids with Heart Hairstyles for Kids

83) Pink Braids for Kids

This is another little girl hairstyles braids popular this season.

84) Knotless Braids with Triangle Parts

This is another fabulous braids hairstyles for kids for 2024

85) Kids Braid Hairstyles with Pink Curly Ends

Braided Hairstyles for Boys for 2024

Now, let’s introduce you some little boy braids styles. These black kids braids hairstyles pictures will give you a good idea on what to choose for back to school.

86) Medium Box Braids for Boys

Among the various popular kids braiding styles, this one is right at the top.

Box braids for 8 year olds (hairbynmc)

87) Cornrow Braid for Boys

Cornrows is one of the most famous braided hairstyles for boys nowadays!

cornrows boys

Edgy Braids for Kids Boys

These braids for kids boys are perfect for back-to-school time.

88) Back to School Braid Hairstyles for Boys

Toddler boys with ponytails always look dashing. This black kids hair style is fine for a boy with long and luscious hair.

89) Braids for Small Boys

This is one of the popular boys braided hairstyles for natural hair. The curvy pattern along with 2 braids on the either side is so fine! No wonder this kid looks so happy.

Little Boy Braids Styles (carlyybeautyy)

90) Back Braids for Baby Boy

This hairstyle for 10 year olds with seashell beads is stylish! While we are showing with white beads, you can also use colored seashells to increase the cool factor. Here is one individual braids for kids style.

When is the ideal time to get braids for the kids

No one can say when is the right time to braid your hair but if you wish to know then talk to your kids about their preferences first. Before fixing an appointment you should choose a hairstyle that will match their personality and also be concerned about their age as too early can damage the strength of their roots. Some of the hair stylists will be firm about their decision to work with kids with age three or more while others will also get braids for the toddlers.

Things to keep in mind during braiding for the first time

1) Decide on one particular kids braid styles

There are several little girl braided hairstyles in the market and braiding options! But all of them may not be feasible for the kids of that certain age group. So ask the hair stylist and decide accordingly which is the suitable idea for you to acquire when you take your child to the salon. Working with the basics like the cornrow and box braids for little girls are the best we shall say.

2) Keep a complete day aside

Braids take a long time to install and before that, you have to prepare your child for a long time as well. If they are small and getting braids for the first time then you have to assure them that they can relax and enjoy the process without having to fear the whole idea.

3) Preparation for hairstyles for kids/girls braids is most important

Preparation of the hair invoked by washing the hair of your child and then deep conditioning them! This nourishes the hair and retains the moisture locked for a long time. Right before the day of treatment, washing, and conditioning should be done.

Remember you are getting your child into protective hair locs and their original strands are going to stay hidden for months! Make sure proper nourishment is done so that no damage is incurred during the process. Use a detox shampoo to get rid of the build-up.

4) Stretch the original strands

If your child bears curly hair then it is essential to pull and stretch the strands before you move ahead with braiding. Blow drying is the best way to stretch the strands with the aid of a paddle brush. Then separate the hair into sections and blow dry again to hold them in position. Now you can begin with making the braids.

5) Braids do not damage the original hair and rather protect them

Braids are a protective style that prevents any sort of damage to the original strand as they are tucked away! The harsh environmental conditions are not able to impact your hair because of the presence of braids in which they are completely locked away!

However, you need to keep the braids nourished all the time as they can squeeze the moisture out of the natural hair otherwise. Lubricating and hydrating the roots are the only solution to prevent that from happening. Light essential oil on the scalp is the best idea.

6) Allow your child to adjust and settle down

If they are acquiring braids for the first time then the idea is to install braids that may seem alien to them! For weeks the braids may seem heavy on the head. However, with time the feeling will settle down and they will gradually adjust to the braids and in fact like to flaunt them.

7) How to make them last

For a child maintaining their hair can be tough so as an adult you have to do the job for them. Make sure that you use a scarf and wrap it around their head when they go to bed!

This will prevent excess friction between the braids and the pillow and they will not open up! This is a way to make sure that your braids last for longer.

8) Washing should be performed with care

When you are washing the hair of your child please be careful and do not squeeze hard! This will unwind the braids and loosen their grip! Allow the water to gently fall off the braids instead.

9) Maintain a break period

You should maintain a gap period between the consecutive braid treatment for your kids as well as for any age group to nourish the original hair and allow them to breathe.

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