70 Easy Crochet Braids & Hair Styles for 2024

Crochet braids or latch hook braiding hairstyle is a method of installing synthetic or natural hair on your natural hair with a crochet needle. This is an extremely popular method of achieving a wide variety of hairstyles while still protecting your natural hair from environmental damage and manipulation.

In this article, we will chronicle the best methods for installation, maintenance, and removal of crochet braid styles.

How Much Does Crochet Hair Cost?

When buying crochet braids and hair there is no need to skimp because with proper maintenance and care, you can easily reuse them. So, try to invest in good hair extensions, which can cost somewhere between $10 to $12 dollars on the maximum side.

On the other hand, crochet hair installation along with shampoo can cost somewhere between $175 to $350 dollars in a good salon that also provides hair consultation.

How to Take Care of Natural Hair With Crochet braids?

One of my favorite things about crochet braids is complete access to my scalp. Crochet braids and hairstyles offer a lot of flexibility while maintaining the health of your natural hair and scalp. Follow these tips to take care of your natural hair and scalp in crochet braids:

  • On a nightly basis or once every two to three days, use an astringent or a scalp cleanser to remove buildup from your scalp. Follow it up with a moisturizer.
  • If you wish to wash your hair, simply fill a spray bottle with shampoo and water. Spray the shampoo solution on your scalp and then massage the shampoo carefully on your scalp for a few minutes to remove product buildup and dirt. Do not rub vigorously as it can cause your hair to tangle. Once your scalp is clean, rinse the shampoo with an applicator and blot your scalp dry with a highly absorbent towel. Once the scalp is dry apply a soothing scalp moisturizer.
  • If your hair is prone to drying out, then one of the easiest ways to keep it hydrated and moisturized is by spraying it throughout the day with water and aloe vera juice. You can also prioritize moisturizing your hair at the end of the day and then seal it with a lightweight oil before wrapping your hair in a silk bonnet. Silk or satin bonnets ensure that your hair doesn’t lose any moisture while sleeping.

Does Crochet Hair Grow Faster?

While crochet hair doesn’t impact the rate at which your hair grows, however, it is a great protective hairstyle because it helps you retain the length of your hair. Afro-textured hair tends to be very fragile, day-to-day maintenance, such as brushing the hair can even lead to breakage and hair loss.

You are also protecting your hair from heat styling and environmental pollutants, both of which can severely damage the hair. Since your hair is braided underneath the crochet hair extensions, your hair is tucked away and is not getting constantly pulled.

Can Crochet Hair be Dyed?

While crochet hair does come in a wide range of colors, it is possible to dye them. To dye crochet hair, you’ll need blonde/white/grey crochet hair, super-pigmented acrylic ink, rubbing alcohol, kitchen sponges, and a spray bottle. Lay down a plastic tarp and place the crochet hair on top of it.

Run your fingers through the hair to ensure that the hair is not tangled. In a spray bottle mix rubbing alcohol and a few drops of the ink. Spray this mixture on the hair extensions and use a sponge to spread it on the hair. If you are going for an ombre look, then I recommend starting with the lightest color on the bottom and then working your way up to the darkest shade.

Flip the hair extensions over and repeat the same process on the other side. Leave the hair extensions as is for a few hours or at best overnight. Take the hair extensions into your bathroom and rinse the hair extensions with cold water until the water starts running clean.

Make sure that there is ink left on the hair. Repeat the process with the other hair extensions and let them air dry. Once the hair extensions have dried, they are ready to be crocheted.

How to Prevent an Itchy Scalp With Hair Extensions Installed?

In my experience, your scalp gets itchy after crochet braids installation because the crochet braids could be coated with an irritant substance, your braids were installed too tight, you have a dried scalp, and because you don’t clean your scalp in between washes.

Therefore, to prevent an itchy scalp follow these simple tips-

1) There are many reasons for a dried scalp. For instance, cold weather, frequent shampooing, poor diet, and harsh hair products contribute to the drying of your hair. So, avoid washing your hair too often, look for hair products that are not alcohol based and have soothing ingredients like aloe vera, and frequently moisturize your scalp with a scalp moisturizer or a lightweight oil that has antibacterial properties.

2) While braiding and installing your crochet braids ensure that the braids are not too tight. Tight braids tug the hair from the scalp. Constantly installing tight braids will not only lead to hair fall and hair breakage at the roots but also lead to traction alopecia.

3) Remove buildup from your scalp between washes by washing your scalp, using an astringent, or using a good scalp cleaner. Buildup tends to clog your pores which irritates the skin. Not removing the buildup or leaving a hairstyle on for too long can be very irritating for the scalp. Moisturize afterwards.

4) Lastly, sometimes manufacturers will coat the synthetic hair extensions with chemical substances to make the hair shiny. This coating can irritate the skin. To remove this coating you can soak the hair extensions in apple cider vinegar for 30 to 40 minutes and then rinse them.

Is Crochet Hair Heavy?

The number one complaint I hear from my clients about crochet braids and locs is that they are heavy. There is no denying that crochet hair adds a lot of extra weight to your head because at most you are adding 6 to 9 packs of hair to give a fuller effect.

While the hair extension in itself is not very heavy adding too much of it can be terrible for your neck, your scalp, and the quality of your sleep. Therefore, try to add fewer hair extensions to achieve your look.

How Much Does Crochet Hair Cost?

When buying crochet braids and hair there is no need to skimp because with proper maintenance and care, you can easily reuse them. So, try to invest in good hair extensions, which can cost somewhere between $10 to $12 dollars on the maximum side.

On the other hand, crochet hair installation along with shampoo can cost somewhere between $175 to $350 dollars in a good salon that also provides hair consultation.

What is the Best Crochet Hair to Use?

There are several different types of crochet hair that are used to achieve different hairstyles. Crochet hair also comes in a wide variety, ranging from synthetic, natural, curly, and color-treated.

So, there isn’t a definitive way to state which type of crochet hair is the best because it depends on the style you want to achieve, the length of the style, the aesthetics, and the environment in which you live.

How Long Should You Keep Crochet Braids In For?

At most, you can keep your crochet braids in for 6 to 8 weeks. Normally, it is recommended to uninstall most protective styles for 4 weeks otherwise your natural hair can dry out too much and your scalp can become irritated.

However, since with crochet braids, you have a lot of access to your scalp, you can wash it once every 2 weeks to remove the buildup of hair products. At the same time, it is important to understand the risks associated with keeping crochet braids in for too long.

By washing and shampooing our hair we hydrate our hair. Keeping the crochet braids in for too long would make your hair too dry and brittle, leading to hair breakage. Plus, it can be really hard to remove the buildup that would accumulate on your hair while shampooing.

Braids also create a lot of tension on your scalp and can restrict blood flow, which not only irritates the scalp but also leads to hair loss.

Are Crochet Braids Damaging to Your Natural Hair?

Crochet braids are a type of protective hairstyle. Therefore, by definition, it is meant to protect your natural hair from constant manipulation and environmental factors, like direct sunlight and pollutants. However, improper installation along with neglectful hair care routine post-installation can be extremely damaging to your natural hair.

To prevent damage, make sure that your hair is healthy enough for crochet braids. I like to give my scalp and hair a break from protective hairstyles every now and again to repair any damage caused to them.

I recommend doing the same before installation as well. I also recommend choosing a base hairstyle for crochet braids that is not too tight because adding the crochet braids to them will only make it tighter.

Opt for a looser hairstyle. Also, post-installation do not neglect your scalp and hair. Establish an easy nighttime routine that is dedicated to tending to your scalp and hair.

Can I Reuse Crochet Hair?

I always tell my clients to splurge on nice crochet extensions because they are indeed reusable. Cheaper hair extensions are not only meant for single use, they cannot be worn for extended periods of time. However, good-quality hair extensions are worth every penny you spend on them.

Here is how to wash used crochet hair:

  • Fill a bathtub with warm water and soak the hair extensions in them overnight.
  • Drain the water and then apply shampoo to each hair extension. Rub the shampoo carefully and then rinse with normal water.
  • Apply conditioner and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair with cold water and let it air dry.
  • Apply serum on the hair for shine and smoothness.

What are the Advantages And Disadvantages of Crochet Hair?

Advantages of Crochet Braids

1) Inexpensive: In the grand scheme of things, installation of crochet braids is inexpensive because you can reuse the braids, you can easily touch up the braids yourself, and install the braids yourself.

2) Versatile: Crochet braids come in a variety of different styles, patterns, and shades. You can customize any hairstyle to fit your hair care and scalp needs. Plus after installation you can style the crochet braids in whichever way suits you, even going as far as changing the look for different situations.

3) Quick to install: Crochet braids are one of the easiest protective hairstyles to install as you are just attaching premade braids on braided natural hair. I love crochet braids for women who want to enjoy their natural hair but do not want to sit in the salon for half a day for installation. You can even install them on your own.

4) Improves hair length retention: Since all of your natural hair is braided close to your scalp and tucked away under the crochet braids, they are protected from environmental pollutants and hair manipulation, which is great for avoiding hair breakage.

5) You can keep it for a long time: Most protective hairstyles should be taken out after 4 weeks. However, crochet braids can stay on for 6 to 8 weeks because you can clean your scalp without any worry of frizzing and are not constantly applying products on your natural hair. But it is still advisable to not prolong the hairstyle for too long as your natural hair can become too dry and brittle and your scalp needs to relax.

Disadvantages of Crochet Braids

1) Adds weight to the head: Crochet braids tend to be heavy as you are adding multiple strands of braids to your hair. Try to opt for less braids if you have a bad neck.

2) Can lead to hair breakage: Crochet braids can cause your natural hair to break both from the middle of the hair strand and from the root. If you have weak, dry, or damaged hair then crochet braids can lead to hair loss and hair breakage-

3) Can stunt hair growth: While crochet braids don’t directly stunt hair growth, not take proper care of your natural hair and scalp, along keeping the style for too long.

How to Maintain Crochet Braids?  

Follow these tips for maintaining your natural hair and crochet braids-

1) Buy quality crochet braid extensions: I understand wanting to cut corners and opting for cheaper wigs but you are paying for a subpar product that will lose its spark in a short span of time and cannot be used again. If you are into crochet braids consider investing in good quality wigs, they react better to hair products and can be reused multiple times when taken care of properly.

2) Undo the tangles and trim the ends of the braids: If you are using synthetic crochet braid extensions, then you are well aware that they do start to tangle after a few weeks.

However, unlike with your natural hair, you do not have to worry about tugging your scalp while combing the hair. Therefore, detangle the hair often, separate the curls, and redefine the curls. If the hair is in dire condition you can even give yourself a little trim.

3) Apply moisturizer and leave-in conditioner: Just like with your natural hair, show your crochet braids some extra love before going to bed and apply moisturize and hair mousse to set the hair, make the hair shiny, and reduce frizz. Cover your head with a satin wrap before sleeping as well.

4) Clean your scalp: Clean your scalp with an astringent or a scalp cleaner a couple of times a week. After cleaning apply a soothing lotion or a lightweight hair oil with antibacterial properties like coconut oil.

I also recommend washing your scalp once every two weeks with shampoo. To wash, fill a spray bottle with some shampoo and water. Spray the mixture on your scalp and then rub it in. Scrub gently but intentionally to remove buildup. Use a towel to dry your scalp and once the hair has dried apply a moisturizer.

How to Prepare Hair for Crochet Braids?

It is extremely important before any hair installation to have clean and freshly washed hair. This is because for a couple of weeks after installation you won’t be able to wash your scalp and hair. Follow your usual hair treatment, shampoo, and conditioner routine, and let your hair completely air dry.

You should not only wash your natural hair before an installation but also your crochet tresses. This cleaning process is simple and helps remove any impurities from the crochet tresses that could potentially irritate your scalp. All you need to do is fill a bucket with warm water and add a cup or two of apple cider vinegar to it.

Place the braids in the bucket and leave it for half an hour. Drain the water from the bucket. One-by-one rinse each crochet extension under warm water. Squeeze the water and let the hair extensions dry completely before installing them. You can also apply hair serum to your crochet tresses for extra shine and smoothness.

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Crochet Braid Installation Tips

Crochet braid installation is incredibly easy and not very time-consuming even when you are doing it yourself. Here are my tips for crochet braid DIY installation:

  1. Wash your hair a day or two before and moisturize your hair.
  2. Use a heatless stretching method or blow dry your hair on low so that it is easy to manage.
  3. Divide your hair into sections and start braiding your hair on your scalp. Make sure that the braids are not too tight or too small.
  4. Once you have finished braiding rest for a couple of minutes and then it is time to start crocheting the braid extensions.
  5. Hook the braid to the crochet needle. Starting from the back of your head, loop the braids to your natural braids using the looping method. Once the crochet braid is properly secure move on to the next part. I recommend opting for smaller crochet braids and not adding many of them to your style.

How to Remove Crochet Hair Without Cutting?

If you plan on reusing your crochet hair and do not want to lose any length, then simply start untying the crochet knots on top of your head and remove the braids.

Once all of the crochet braids have been removed you can unbraid your natural hair and begin a hair treatment or do that the next day. Follow it up with shampoo and conditioner.

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