Distressed Bohemian Locs Ideas in 2024

Have ever been tempted by bohemian locs? With their free-flowing and relaxed look, many girls do take a plunge and get these goddess locs. Let’s understand the nitty-gritties of this protective hair style like how to take care of locs, the best styles and accessories for them.

Locs is an all-encompassing word used to describe protective hairstyles for natural hair. In generic terms, locs are protective hairstyles where the hair is divided into sections and is either knotted or matted.

Many might not be aware but many believe that locs were a popular hairstyle in Ancient Greece and were even adorned by Hindus and ancient Israelites.

The term ‘locs’ is not meant to be confused with the term ‘dreadlocks’ which refers to a different hairstyle popularized by the Rastafarian tradition and later adopted by other cultures.

When it comes to appearance, locs have a generally tidier and well-kept look whereas dreadlocks have a more relaxed and natural look. Boho locs sport neat cylindrical sections with organic parting and twisting methods that result that imparts an undone aesthetic similar to giant braids or weaves.   

What are Bohemian Locs?

Bohemian locs are the perfect natural protective hairstyle for the fast pace of modern life. These locs are versatile and stylish while simultaneously nurturing your hair and roots.

This natural hairstyle is a great way for Black people to take pride in their culture in style. Bohemian locs are a type of soft loc where loose curly strands of hair are interspersed between knotted hair.

How long do Boho Locs Last?

Bohemian Locs is a protective hairstyle that can usually last for 8 to 12 weeks with proper care. If you are removing locs at home, then professional hair stylists recommend properly washing the extensions before determining whether they can be reused again.

Do Bohemian Locs Get Frizzy?

It is common for bohemian locs, along with other locs, to be a little frizzy at the time of installation. However, a few days after installation the frizz will die down.

If your locs remain frizzy even after that, then it is possible that your hair is frizzy due to heat or chemical damage, harsh water, poor sleeping fabric choices, and not using the right hair products.

Try some of our suggestions to get rid of frizzy hair-

1) Brush your locs regularly

Buy a brush specifically for locs and brush your locs regularly, especially when they are wet. Start from the roots and run your brush along the length of your hair multiple times.

2) Improve your diet

If you wear a satin bonnet while sleeping and apply all of the hair products properly, then the reason for frizzy locs could be a poor diet. Improve your diet with foods that are rich in macro and micronutrients that are beneficial for hair growth, like seeds, nuts, boiled eggs, plain water, etc.

3) Filtered Water

Frizz can be caused due to washing hair with harsh water. By using filtered water you can improve the quality of your hair and skin.

4) Quality hair products

Use quality hair products on your hair that target your hair’s moisture and hydration.

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Do Bohemian Locs Damage the Hairline?

Protective hairstyles are meant to protect natural hair from breaking while facilitating the growth of hair. However, improper installation and wearing heavy locs can create tension on your scalp and result in a receding hairline over time. To avoid such a situation, opt for hairstyles that work in your favor and are catered towards promoting hair growth.

Can I Wash Bohemian Locs?

While it is not necessary to wash your locs, however, you can wash them at least once every two weeks. It is important to remember that washing hair often can significantly impact the quality of your locs, along with its longevity.

If you are a heavy sweater or want to get rid of the buildup on your scalp (because it can be very irritating), then follow these washing steps:

1) Fill a bottle fitted with a nozzle applicator with warm water and some shampoo. Mix it well.

2) Use the nozzle to apply shampoo directly to your scalp.

3) Massage your scalp properly to remove buildup.

4) Rinse the shampoo with cold water and blot with a towel.

5) While the hair is slightly damp, apply leave-in conditioner to the lengths and a nourishing oil to your scalp. Now, let your hair air dry properly.

How to Maintain Bohemian Locs?

Maintenance of your bohemian locs should be your top priority before going to sleep. With proper maintenance, you ensure that buildup from your scalp is routinely cleaned and your natural hair and scalp are well-taken care of. Here are some of our tips to maintain your chic bohemian locs:

Proper installation: The first step of maintenance in my opinion is the proper installation of your locs. Improperly installed locs can cause a lot of damage to our hair and scalp. Make sure that the locs are installed by an experienced person.

Moisturize regularly: If it is possible then moisturize your hair and scalp regularly if not daily with a good water-based moisturizer. I recommend mixing water with aloe vera juice in a 2:1 ratio. You can also squeeze some leave-in conditioner and then apply this mixture to your scalp and hair length.

Wrap your hair at night: One of the easiest ways to prolong the shelf life of your locs is by wrapping your hair at night in a silk scarf or satin bonnet.

Get regular touch-ups at the salon: To maintain your locs’ fresh look get a retouch every four weeks.

How to Remove Bohemian Locs?

Well-installed bohemian locs have a shelf-life of somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks with proper care and management. The job of a protective hairstyle is to protect our natural hair from damage. So, after a month of installation, if your scalp seems too tight or there is a lot of build-up, then it is time to remove your locs.

Proper removal of locs is just as important as proper installation. However, removal can be a time-consuming and uncomfortable process. If you are unable to ask somebody else to remove your locs, then these are the steps you must follow-

1) Take your time: Take frequent breaks in between removal. If you get impatient with removal, then you risk breaking your natural hair and tugging at your roots too much.

2) Apply a mixture of jojoba oil and water: Work in sections and apply a mixture of jojoba oil and water to the section as you remove the hair.

3) Start at the root: Do not start unraveling your faux locs from the ends of your hair. Always start from the root. Remove the knot at the top and start moving the artificial hair in the opposite direction. Slowly pull down the faux locs until you can expose your natural hair underneath.

4) Cut off the super glued end: Once the faux locs have been unraveled and your natural hair has been exposed, cut off the super glued end to expose your natural hair and remove the faux locs completely.

5) Comb the natural hair: Once the faux locs have been completely removed, unbraid your natural hair and remove any excess faux locs. Run your fingers and then comb through your hair afterward to gently remove build-up.

6) Wash your hair: Wash your hair properly with shampoo and conditioner, along with deep conditioning your hair.

7) Oil Your Scalp Regularly: Apply oil to your hair and scalp at least once a week to improve your hair’s moisture level. You can also apply leave-in conditioner to restore moisture to your hair.

Difference Between Boho Braids and Boho Locs 

While many people use boho braids and boho locs interchangeably, these are two different protective hairstyles.

First of all, bohemian braids are a much more casual and informal iteration of the bohemian locs, which captures an earthy Rastafarian sensibility.

The type of hair extension used in both hairstyles along with the method of installation are also different.

For installing boho braids, installers usually use colorful synthetic hair threads which they install to braided hair in asymmetric patterns.

On the other hand, professional hairstylists use kanekalon synthetic hair for boho locs. To achieve the boho locs look, they twist hair rather than wrap it around the natural hair to form neat parts.

Boho Goddess Locs Tutorial

1) Classic Bohemian Locs

The ultimate free-spirited loc style, Classic Bohemian locs embody relaxed vintage vibes. Loose wavy curls cascade effortlessly down the back, pairing perfectly with a jacket. Textured ends and an unstructured middle part encourage the organic, nomadic locs to intertwine into beach locs.

Classic Bohemian Locs
Classic Bohemian Locs
Bohemian Locs with Buns
Bohemian Locs with Buns (locsbyshanta)

2) Bohemian Locs with Meek Curls

These Bohemian locs emit reserved beauty.

Bohemian Locs with Meek Curls
Bohemian Locs with Meek Curls

3) Ginger Boho Locs with Raw Indian Hair

Fiery auburn with untamed raw Indian hair locs cascade freely down the back radiating warmth and inhibited style.

Ginger Boho Locs with Raw Indian Hair
Ginger Boho Locs with Raw Indian Hair

4) Human Blend Bohemian Locs

A harmonious fusion of textures, the human blend boho locs are a prefect example of boho locs.

Human Blend Bohemian Locs
Human Blend Bohemian Locs

5) Shoulder Length Bohemian Locs

Textured mid-lengths encourage the locs to intertwist leisurely and cascade down the honey-kissed back.

Shoulder Length Bohemian Locs
Shoulder Length Bohemian Locs

6) Boho Locs with Accessories

Cowrie shells and rings adorned these beautiful boho locs.

Boho Locs with Accessories
Boho Locs with Accessories

7) 3 Tone Ombre Bohemian Locs

These 3 tone with colors: 99j/30 and accessories give this style a stunning look.

3 Tone Ombre Bohemian Locs
3 Tone Ombre Bohemian Locs

8) Midback Bohemian Locs with a Splash of Purple

Midback bohemian locs sway freely with a splash of vibrant purple interwoven sporadically throughout the jetblack hair.

Midback Bohemian Locs with a Splash of Purple
Midback Bohemian Locs with a Splash of Purple

9) Medium Size Parting Shoulder Length Boho Locs

Medium Size Parting Shoulder Length Boho Locs
Medium Size Parting Shoulder Length Boho Locs

10) Bohemian Goddess Locs

Bohemian Goddess Locs
Bohemian Goddess Locs (shiibeautygalore)

11) Bohemian Knotless Soft Locs

Dark umber roots bleed flawlessly into blonde ends on these boho-chic locs.

Bohemian Knotless Soft Locs
Bohemian Knotless Soft Locs (braidingicon)

12) Burgundy Bohemian Goddess Locs

In this style, rich wine-colored locs freely cascade down the back Gracefully.

Burgundy Bohemian Goddess Locs
Burgundy Bohemian Goddess Locs (lalalacebar)

13) Thigh Length Goddess Locs (Color black 1B)

Luxuriously long raven twists radiates with confidence framing the body gracefully.

Thigh Length Goddess Locs (Color black 1B)
Thigh Length Goddess Locs (Color black 1B)

14) Less Distressed Boho Locs with Passion Twists

Passion twists artfully mesh with loosely waved curls, intertwining freely in this less distressed boho loc style in bronze color.

Less Distressed Boho Locs with Passion Twists
Less Distressed Boho Locs with Passion Twists (queenzcrownzz)

15) 36’ Goddess Soft Locs

This 36-inch goddess soft locs exude regal mystique with torso-skimming length.

36’ Goddess Soft Locs
36’ Goddess Soft Locs (shiibeautygalore.llc)

16) Distressed Blonde Locs

The distressed blonde locs intertwine organic roots with frayed blonde ends for that fresh-from-the-beach look.

Distressed Blonde Locs
Distressed Blonde Locs (regimennaturals)

17) Crochet Bohemian Goddess Locs

Crochet Bohemian Goddess Locs
Crochet Bohemian Goddess Locs (alia_stylist)

18) Soft Locs Bob

This shoulder-grazing soft locs bob exudes understated glam.

Soft Locs Bob
Soft Locs Bob

19) Blonde Faux Locs

This buttery blonde faux locs embody famed sun-kissed California cool with their beach-babe vibe.

Blonde Faux Locs
Blonde Faux Locs (jla_d)

20) Ombre Boho Locs

The layered brunette shades bleed flawlessly from root to tip in this effortless look.

Ombre Boho Locs
Ombre Boho Locs (hairbyza)

21) Blonde Faux Boho Locs

Sun-kissed vanilla blonde boho locs carry unmistakable allure.

Blonde Faux Boho Locs
Blonde Faux Boho Locs (hairbyza)

22) Blonde Boho Locs

Blonde Boho Locs
Blonde Boho Locs (joiamercedes)

23) 2 Tone Ombre Locs

Dark cocoa seamlessly fades into honey blonde on these two tone ombre locs.

2 Tone Ombre Locs
2 Tone Ombre Locs (stylesby.tee)

24) Side Parting Blonde Boho Goddess Locs

Blonde Boho Goddess Loc with a chic side part imparts elegance, blending grace and free-spirited vibes.

Side Parting Blonde Boho Goddess Locs
Side Parting Blonde Boho Goddess Locs

25) Distressed Locs

Distressed locs with burgundy faux locs give a bold and edgy charm. This creates a unique and captivating statement hairstyle.

Distressed Locs
Distressed Locs (tanlly_hair_stylist)

26) Red Boho Locs with Buns

Red Boho Locs with Buns
Red Boho Locs with Buns (hervshair)

27) Blue Boho Locs

This style with blue locs radiate a chic and eclectic vibe with a bohemian aesthetic. Effortlessly stylish, these locs embody individuality and flair.

Blue Boho Locs
Blue Boho Locs (hairartbysieta)

28) Blue Boho Locs

Blue Boho Locs
Blue Boho Locs

29) Multi-Shaded Blue Distressed Bohemian Locs

This style incorporates blue and golden locs to give a radically individual and striking lifestyle statement.

Multi-Shaded Blue Distressed Bohemian Locs
Multi-Shaded Blue Distressed Bohemian Locs (pooh_the_stylist)

30) Small Boho Locs

Small Boho Locs
Small Boho Locs

31) Ponytail Goddess Locs

Elevate your style game with Ponytail Goddess Locs, a sophisticated fusion of regal elegance and effortless charm. This versatile hairstyle combines the grace of goddess locs with the convenience of a chic ponytail.

Ponytail Goddess Locs
Ponytail Goddess Locs (taylorjavonne)

32) Bohemian Locs over Natural Locs

Bohemian Locs over Natural Locs
Bohemian Locs over Natural Locs (taylorjavonne)

33) Golden Boho Locs

Golden Boho Locs
Golden Boho Locs (hairgasm.gh)

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