50 Sassy Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women in 2024

Pixie cut hairstyles for black women are an alternative form of a crop cut that is usually long at the top and short at the back and side. It is perfect for women with thinning hair because the messy layers on top give an illusion of added volume and dimension whilst simultaneously accentuating the women’s facial bone structure.

Stylish and Trending Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Women

Alright girls, let’s check out the most trending black women pixie hairstyles in 2024

Side Part Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

Side Part Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women
Side Part Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

1) The pixie cut with side part black hair exudes elegance and sophistication. This timeless look exudes confidence and power, making a strong statement that says, “I mean business!” It’s a classic look that will never go out of style, and with its sleek, chic lines, it’s no surprise that this hairstyle has been a favourite of Hollywood’s leading ladies for decades.

Side Part Pin Curls Pixie Cut Hairstyle
Side Part Pin Curls Pixie Cut Hairstyle

2) Flaunt your unique style and make a bold statement with playful curls added to your short locks. Embrace your new look and become a focal point, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Bouncy curls are back in style, so why not add some playful bounce to your short hair and be the envy of all your friends?

Relaxed Pixie Short Black Hairstyles

Protective Side Pixie Hair Cut
Relaxed Pixie Short Black Hairstyles

3) Attention all black women! Want to spice up your look? Say no more! To add some edge to your look, try a wavy pixie cut with highlights.

This trendy relaxed pixie short black hairstyle look will turn heads and leave you feeling confident and fierce. Don’t be afraid to experiment and channel your inner fashionista!

Straight Hair Pixie Cut Women Hairstyle

Simple pixie short black hairstyles are simple to get and maintain!

Straight Hair Pixie Cut
Straight Hair Pixie Cut

4) Prepare to turn heads with this sleek and stylish cropped straight-hair pixie cut perfect for black women. This fierce and bold look is sure to turn heads while highlighting your unique features and personality. Bring out your inner diva and rock this edgy look with confidence.

Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut Black Hair

5) Short pixie haircuts for black women: Effortlessly chic! A straight pixie cut is the perfect style for low-maintenance yet high-fashion black women. Make a statement with a sleek, modern look that is simple to maintain and looks great all day.

6) Step up your hair game with a chic straight girl’s pixie cut for women! Add a playful twist to your look with a subtle hint of wave at the edges. Perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance yet trendy look that is simple to manage and style on a daily basis.

Wavy Pixie Cut for Black Women

7) Prepare to turn heads with a bold new look: the wavy pixie cut for black women! Make your short hair stand out by adding waves on top and curls at the edges. Excellent for making a statement and standing out from the crowd!

Pixie Cuts for Girls

8) Slay your look with a bold and beautiful pixie cut on natural black hair complete with tight and sleek waves. Prepare to slay with a low-maintenance yet eye-catching hairstyle that effortlessly goes from casual to glam.

9) Unleash your inner goddess with a touseled wavy pixie cut for black women that are perfectly highlighted. Embrace your natural texture and make a statement with this chic, easy-to-do hairstyle that radiates confidence and style.

Pixie Cuts with Creative Patterns

Now, let’s see pictures of pixie cuts for black woman hot in 2024.

10) Get ready to turn heads with this edgy and feminine low-maintenance sassy pixie cut black hair! The bold and dynamic look is created by the sharply faded sides, while the short and sleek top adds a touch of elegance.

Such sassy pixie cut with shaved sides for women scream confidence and sophistication, so don’t be surprised if people approach you and ask for your autograph! This style is also perfect for older women.

11) Prepare to add some drama to your look with this gorgeous wavy pixie cut for black women with rolled curls. This hairstyle, with its perfect balance of edginess and elegance, is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

12) The key to this daring and edgy pixie cut is contrast! The back is perfectly buzzed, and the top is full of bouncy curls. The sharp zig-zag pattern on the sides, however, really sets it apart, adding a touch of unique and stylish flair to the overall look.

Curly Pixie Cuts for Black Women

Curly pixie short black hairstyles are god-send for women will curls as they are stylish yet easy to maintain.

Curly Pixie Cut
Curly Pixie Cut Black Girl

13) Unleash your hair’s wild side with a showstopping fusion: curls reign supreme on top while daring zigzags carve their path on the sides. For our fierce black queens, a bold buzz adds a touch of audacity. This sensational style screams confidence, captivating all who dare to behold it.

14) Ignite your inner goddess with a stunning collaboration that features luxurious platinum curls on top and edgy buzzed sides to add intrigue. This pixie haircut is a powerful combination created for our fearless black queens. It’s a show-stopping masterpiece that commands the spotlight and exudes unrivalled confidence.

Short Pixie Cut hairstyle for Black Women
Short Pixie Cut hairstyle for Black Women

15) A daring pixie haircut with cascading dark curls commands attention. The buzzed sides add an edgy twist, and the mesmerizing curve design highlights your individual beauty.

As you embrace the allure of this captivating black pixie haircuts look for black women, let your confidence shine and your style reign supreme.

16) Bring your inner diva with a sassy and beautiful short pixie haircut inspired by Rihanna. Accept those luscious waves framing your face, while the bold straight line cut on the left adds an extra edge. Wear this fierce and fabulous hairstyle with confidence and flair.

17) Set hearts on fire with a mesmerising red curls pixie cut that sparks passion and turns heads at every turn. Embrace your locks’ fiery allure as they cascade in captivating waves, exuding confidence and magnetism. This daring and empowering hairstyle is a beauty statement that celebrates the power and allure of black women.

jaquelinepenaoficial (Faded Pixie Cut Black Hair)

18) If you are looking for a short black pixie cut hairstyle that compliments your face shape, then a beautiful hairstyle for your non-chemically relaxed hair is the short afro with faded sides. You can style your natural hair in many different styles by using a mouse and diffuser on your wet hair.

19) Natural black hair is often very thick. However, with this short hairstyle, the sides are clipped extra short above the ear line and the hair on the top is styled into tight colours.

Black Girl Pixie Cut with Bangs

Pixie cut with bangs black woman
Pixie cut with bangs black woman simplicityhairnbeauty

20) This cute pixie cut with bangs in copper color is extremely complementary to all black women. Not only does this pixie cut accentuate your face shape but it is also low on personal maintenance. However, you do need to meet up with your hairstylist every few weeks for a touch-up.

Short Pixie Cuts for Black Women

21) Short pixie cuts with bangs look amazing on an oblong face. This tightly cropped style is paired with straight hair for a lovely, simple look that defies expectations. This hairstyle will give you a polished yet effortless look perfect for work on any occasion.

pixie cut with bangs black woman
fortune_akah (Bang Pixie Cut Black hair)

22) This black girl pixie cut with long bangs and straight hair is a fun yet functional and professional hairstyle. This cut features thick, front bangs and blunt layers to flatter an oval face. While many people are intimidated by the thought of a pixie cut, however, this pixie cut for plus size black woman is incredibly flattering with the right styling and maintenance.

23) Many prefer getting short pixie hairstyles for black women not only because they are easier to manage and style while still showing off their features and looking professional.

To style this cut every day, all you need to do is use a round brush while blow-drying your hair and add some texturizing spray to create volume and texture.

Colored Pixie Cut on Black Women

Colored Pixie Cut
Colored Pixie Cut

24) If you wish to get a pixie cut, then you cannot go wrong with a brown hair pixie cut. This style is stylish and chic and can be tailored to suit any face shape. Plus, brown-colored hair can be worn in a variety of ways. Brown hair can be styled in a variety of different and flattering ways.

25) Burgundy is an extremely flattering hair color for black women. Not only is the color fun and gives them a stylish edge but it also complements their facial features and skin tone.

Burgundy is an excellent color that can be styled in a variety of ways from shaded sides and pixie cut with bangs, pixie cuts with creative patterns, and wavy pixie cuts.

pixie cut with color streaks

26) Highlights are a great way to experiment with your hairstyle. A dual highlight on pixie haircuts is a fun way to elevate your look. It is an ideal haircut for confident black women as it is appropriate for the office while still showcasing their fun party side.

Colored Long Pixie Cut
Long pixie cut with bangs black woman (thewigdesigner__)

27) Golden blonde pixie hairstyle with front swooping bangs is extremely common amongst black women as it gives off an edgy yet sophisticated and classic vibe. This hair color also gives you the option to change your look when you get bored with your existing look.

Neon Blue Pixie Cut
kerrykay_styles (Blue pixie cut black girl hairstyle)

28) A pixie cut with tight curls, blue hair, and faded sides screams that you are the life of the party. This effervescent look is becoming extremely popular because it is a great way of adding some edge to your look.


29) A golden pixie haircut with finger waves is the perfect hairstyle for black women of all ages. This layered hairstyle is neither too conservative nor too daring but still has the right amount of playfulness to show off your bold personality.

Neon Orange pixie cut hairstyles

30) This daring African American pixie cut will help you flaunt your unique style and make a bold statement. This haircut is perfect for every woman who really wants to make a massive change to their hairstyle and personal image.

Yellow Pixie Cut Hairstyle for Black Women

31) A pixie cut with a soft-curl afro in yellow blonde is all you need for a chic and fabulous summer. This hairstyle is suitable for all ages and adds a whole lot of attitude to your look.

Pin Curl Green Color Pixie Cut
Pin Curl Green Color Pixie Cut

32) Pin curl green colour pixie cut is a hairstyle that is both edgy and stylish. This hairstyle is perfect for thick and fine hair as it can add a great deal of boldness and fullness to the hair. This versatile hairstyle can be worn both casual and formal.

(Pixie cut with shaved sides black hair) afrodiziakhairsalonaus

33) A mohawk pixie cut in copper hair is an elegant and fun twist on the traditional mohawk pixie cut. This hairstyle looks wonderful on mature women and can be worn in a variety of ways such as with shaved sides and fancy undercut designs.

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Fuchsia pixie with asymmetrical fringe
Fuchsia pixie with asymmetrical fringe

34) This side-swept layered burgundy pixie cut is to die for. It is effortlessly chic and makes a bold statement but is still the perfect balance between elegance and efficiency. Other than going for a side sweep, you can also choose an asymmetrical fringe that frames your face well.

Silver Pixie Cut
Silver Pixie Cut (afrodiziakhairsalonaus)

35) Extra short pixie cut in platinum blonde is surely a head turner. This hairstyle tends to be flattering on black women of all ages and hair textures. It is extremely low on maintenance and can be easily personalized with accessories and headbands.

Tapered Pixie Cut Black Hair

Tapered Pixie Cut

This sassy tapered pixie cut black hair is extremely versatile and tends to be flattering on a variety of face shapes.

Tapered Pixie Cut in Purple Hair

Tapered Pixie Cut Black Hair (lobamane)

36) Short tapered pixie cuts in purple hair is a fresh and modern haircut that features shorter hair on the sides and back, with long wavy hair on the top. This pixie cut with color for black girl gives versatility!

Faded Pixie Haircuts for Black Women

Faded Pixie Cut
Faded pixie cut with mushroom bangs

37) A faded pixie cut with mushroom bangs is a pixie cut that features bangs that resemble the top of a mushroom along with shaved sides with a slight fade. This pixie haircuts for black women is a popular hairstyle amongst women as it is low on maintenance while still looking effortless and cool.

38) A short African American pixie cut with tight curls is the perfect hairstyle for an oblong face. This hairstyle is short on the sides with tightly cropped curls on top that ensures a lovely and simple look that defies expectations.

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cuts for Black Girl

Platinum blonde pixie cuts for black girl
(Blonde Pixie Cut) brittany_lovejoy9876

39) Platinum blonde is a popular hair color amongst celebrities like Beyonce, Mary J Blige, and Zoe Kravitz. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to pull off this look.

Platinum blonde hair in a really short pixie cut will always be in vogue because of the way the color complements black women’s skin tone. Plus, blonde pixie cut on black girl gives you the option to experiment with your looks often as you can try out different shades of blonde like caramel, honey, platinum, and two-toned hair.

Black and Silver Pixie Cut: Salt & Pepper

40) For women over 40 who are contemplating embracing their natural salt and pepper hair, a pixie cut is a great way to foray into the silver fox era of your hair journey. Your salt and pepper hair will look in a variety of pixie cuts, whether you want to keep your natural hair or get them chemically relaxed.

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Glam Wave Pixie

Glam Wave Pixie
Pixie Haircuts for Women (nspiredhairdzns)

41) This glam wave pixie haircut for relaxed hair is an incredibly flattering look with the right styling and maintenance. It is a great way to experiment with your short hair if you are bored with the classic short sides and long-front hair pixie cut.

42) Orange Pixie

Pixie Cut for Black Kids

Kids hairstyles need to be maintenance free and stylish at the same time. Pixie cut for girls are great as they require little maintenance except for regular hair cuts.

Pixie Cut for Black Kids
hair_by_kianna (Pixie cut for kids)

Frequently Asked Questions About Pixie Cuts

Are pixie cuts low maintenance?

Other than frequent trimmings, short pixie hair cuts tend to be low maintenance. They are especially easier to style for women who don’t get enough time in the morning. However, they require more frequent washes than longer hair.

How long do pixie cuts last?

Pixie cuts can last somewhere between a month and a month in a half depending upon your hair growth and volume of hair.

What does a pixie cut symbolize?

Pixie hair cuts were popularized by actors Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg in the 1940s and 1950s. Since then, this hairstyle is largely associated with nonconformity and empowerment.

Is kids' pixie cut safe?

Yes, pixie cuts for kids are not just safe but also easy to maintain. This style is safe for hair as it doesn't involve any chemical treatments or braiding. 

Is pixie cut for older black woman a good choice?

A short pixie cut can be a fantastic choice for older Black women for many reasons. It's a versatile and stylish haircut that can complement various face shapes and hair textures. A pixie cut is low-maintenance and can give a fresh and youthful look to older women. 

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