60+ Faux Locs & Goddess Locs Hairstyles: Protective Style Ideas for 2024

Faux locs are branded locs made from the temporary extensions that you are acquiring instead of permanent hair. These are less difficult to set up and pose no risk of damaging your natural hair!

According to hair stylists, there are two broad classifications of faux locs, depending on their method of installation.

Different types of Faux Locs

1) The Cornrow and Crochet method

The first method, as the name suggests, involves making cornrows of natural hair and then crocheting them with faux extensions with the aid of a latch hook! Yes, it is that simple.

2) The Braid and Wrap method

The second method is also simple: braid the natural hair and then wrap the extensions around it!

So as we see, in both cases, faux locs hair are not made entirely with natural hair but with extensions.

Both methods are widely used by customers in the salon but the wrap method gains slightly more weightage over the crochet method because of the more realistic look at the end.

Faux Locs Hairstyle Ideas for Your Next Protective Style in 2024

1) Purple Locs Up do

How gorgeous are these faux locs hairstyle which you can follow at
boho locs.

The bright and enigmatic purple shade is fabulous and draws the attention of everyone wherever you go! We have turned it into a gorgeous up do that matches outfits like blazers, coats, and so on.

Purple faux Locs (protective hairstyle for Black)
Purple faux Locs hairstyle (protective hairstyle for Black) boholocs

2) Blue and Pink Faux Locs Hairstyles

The long and elegant blue and pink faux locs styles are so amazing and out of the world! Fancy and enigmatic, these slender locs are simply out of the world. You can draw inspiration from the idea.

Blue and Pink Faux Locs
Blue and Pink Faux Locs Hair (rosegoldengoddesshair)

3) Upturn Hair in Faux Braids

The upturn hair in faux braids is funky and gives you a cool vibe! These shall give a sense of fullness to the length of hair you have and the volume in front! The colorful strings make you come across as a feisty personality.

Upturn Hair in Faux Braids
Upturn Hair in Faux Braids (loc_n_loose)

4) Gorgeous waves

We have made use of the crochet technique to create this design and it turns out to be a great idea indeed! We have drawn inspiration for this carefree and effortless look from here.

5) Natural Goddess Locs with waves

Are you planning to head to the party? Well, then there is nothing more charming than the goddess faux locs hairstyles with waves flowing over the bare shoulder gown in maroon!

Natural Goddess Locs with waves
Goddess locks (hairbyariya_)

6) Waist-length Pink locs

We have come up with the marvelous pink locs which extend right up to the waist! These give depth to your natural hair and flaunt your inner beauty!

Waist-length Pink locs
Waist-length Pink locs hairby.jayyjayda

7) Half bun half open faux locs Hairstyle

Instead of turning all the faux locks into a top-knot bun we have left a bunch of strands to fall over the shoulder! Whether you are heading to a concert or a simple coffee date, we highly recommend this one

8) Long hair with beads

If you are fond of long hair then we are delighted to announce this idea. But we have also gone one step ahead and created this hairstyle with beads and small white clips anchored to the locs making them look simply mesmerizing.

Long hair with beads
Long hair with beads (abadibraids)

9) Sweep it in the back

Try out this hairstyle with a faux braid where the braids are pulled behind and then allowed to fall gently over the shoulders. You can draw inspiration from  here. So what are you waiting for?

10) Crochet and Golden strings

If you wish to try out something more unique and easy then the crochet with golden strings is a marvelous idea for you to explore. The braids are tied with a golden ribbon which is twisted around one of the sides of your head.

11) Braids with thick natural hair

If you already have voluminous and thick hair then the faux locs hair will come across to look even more fantastic than ever.

12) The Side Faux locs

The best part about getting faux locs hair is that you can style them any way you desire! For instance, this idea allows them to be dropped from one side and give you such a confident and formal look!

13) High ponytail

Let us help you to create this high ponytail. The long and slender locs falling from the ponytail at the top gives you a distinguished and fun-spirited appearance. So get this done today itself!

14) Medium faux braids

The graceful medium faux braids are another fabulous option that you should try out. The idea is one of the best for you to emulate this season! Some golden strings are used to make these short braids even more attractive.

15) Half-up hairstyle

We are absolutely in love with this half-up hairstyle. Fabulous and exclusive, this is truly an admirable faux hairstyle to try out. Be ready to be the talk of the town with this wonderful choice.

16) Long Maroon Faux

We have come up with another extraordinary hairstyle with faux braids! The gorgeous maroon-dyed hair is all that you need for the season! So what are you waiting for?

17) Purple Goddess Faux Locs

Vibrant and exciting, you are up to transforming your look completely with this marvelous idea right here. The half-updo gives it another brownie point and guess what it is the most popular one in the market these days!

18) Kanekalon Hair half-up

Here is a textured goddess locs hairstyle that we find gives one a truly quirky appearance. Check out this protective style with green locs loosely falling over your shoulder and extending up to the waist. Eye-catching and fancy, we are in love with this design.

19) Super High Buns

The super high buns are right here to sway you off your feet! You can add a hint of color to the hair with vibrant clips lining the length of the locs falling in front of your face.

Super High Buns
Super High Buns (nigerianbraids)

20) Sassy undercut look

Here is a great idea to acquire a cool and chic look with the sassy undercut hair. Be ready to be the spotlight of every event or gathering you attend with this hairstyle on display!

21) Try Faux Locs with a cute pony

If you are tired of keeping your hair loose then it is time for you to try out something different and unique! The easiest can be the Faux Locs pony which falls over one side of the shoulder. Perfect to go with long locs.

22) Rope-like braids

If you are willing to have thick locs then this look is ideal for you to obtain! Gorgeous and fancy, you can pull it into a high knot.

23) Cute side buns

Instead of making one but we have opted for two side buns and guess what, the idea is extremely pretty. Let a part of the nails flow from the bun to give a flawless and elegant charm.

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24) Check out the Bantu knots

If you thought that all you can get are one or two knots and buns with your braids then you are wrong! We have come up with this idea where there are too many bantu knots in the whole scalp making you come across as a quirky character. Have a look at ! This is what you can expect at the end! Isn’t it flawless?

25) Wavy Goddess Locs

The original and wavy goddess locs hair are exactly what you can look for! The beauty of the crochet locs is simply unparalleled. Be ready to be smitten with the effortless charm of the hairstyle.

26) Waist-length Burgundy Faux locs

If you have a fondness for long hair then you can acquire the same in case of loss as well! Draw inspiration and carry this model-like hair wherever you go. So what are you waiting for?

Waist-length locs
Burgundy Faux Locs (mpinge_beautyparlour)

27) Locs for Summers

If you wish to celebrate the arrival of summer in full bloom then the maroon and orange loc are the right ones to acquire. Being short they are easy to maintain and you can pull them into a high ponytail as well!

28) Combo of Cornrow and Crochet Faux

If you wish to experiment with both styles then crochet and cornrow is the ideal option! Draw inspiration from the idea.

Combo of Cornrow and Crochet Faux
Combo of Cornrow and Crochet Faux

29) One-sided faux

The combination of one-sided faux with short locs is like a dream come true for the ones exploring short faux locs! Get a highly professional and gorgeous look from the idea! So what are you waiting for?

One-sided faux
niani_b (One-sided medium size faux locs)

30) Cornrow Braids

The long and slender cornrow braids are the most ideal option if you are fond of gorgeous faux locs. The design is highly intricate and gives you a distinguished sense of beauty.

31) Simple top knots

Are you getting ready for a relaxing dinner during the weekend? Well, then the simple top knot with a black outfit is the ideal option for you to check out!

 Simple top knots
Simple top knots (angel_the_braider)

32) Messy blow-dry faux locs

The short blow-dry hair is gorgeous and gives you a chic look! The glory curls are effortless and so sassy that everyone’s eyes will be on you.

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33) Summer bun

We have tried out this sun-kissed look with summer buns and the idea is simply out of this world! The idea is works wonderfully for long faux locs braids.

34) Textured Locs

The textured locs braids are gorgeous and look so amazing for any event! It is a flawless look awaiting the arrival of summer. See how many praises you receive on your way to work!

35) Multiple-braided cornrow ponytail

The beauty of the multiple-braided cornrow ponytail is fancy and ruling the fashion market these days! It is a graceful idea for you to try out this season. Tie the braids into a high ponytail and you are good to go!

36) Cornrow Maroon wigs

The gorgeous cornrow wigs with faux locs are right here to sway you off your feet!

37) Middle-parted cornrow braids

The middle-parted cornrow braids are the perfect definition of bold and beautiful. The idea is present right here at . Thank us later for this wonderful suggestion and effortless in every sense!

38) Big Cornrow

The long and strong cornrow is a marvelous style that showcases confidence and beauty in boldness! The idea is an inspiration from ! What a magnificent idea that you are about to try out this season! Do not miss out on this one!

39) Extension and Cornrow

The extension on the sides with the cornrow is one of a kind! Exotic and fancy, the idea is an inspiration which you can certainly emulate with ease. So shall we?

40) Overall Braided Cornrow

The overall cornrow braid extends from the tip of the nails to the end of the roots! We are in love with this idea that you can see! The multiple-braid styles are simple and very popular.

41) Half-and-half combination of Red and Black Braids

This is something that is rather a unique idea you will love to explore. The half-and-half combination of red and black braids gives you the scope to try out something distinguished.

42) Long Brown Braids

The brown and long braid hair are simply so exotic indeed! Brown faux locs are a versatile and popular protective style choice for those with dark brown or black hair seeking a low maintenance loc’d look.

Brown faux locs deploy faux extensions in earthy brown shades that resemble natural locs in texture and appearance.

Gorgeous and outstanding, you can do it for slender and long braids! So what are you waiting for?

43) Bohemian Knotless Braids

The maroon and glossy Bohemian Knotless braids are so exclusive! Smooth and shiny, this idea is irresistible and perfect to welcome the summer spirits. We find this one absolutely jaw-dropping hairstyle! So shall we?

Bohemian Knotless Braids
Faux Locs Colored (unique_dandridge)

44) Golden Touch

The long golden locs extending from the tip to the waist are flawless. The contrast of black between golden is magnificent and easy for you to acquire! Bold and beautiful, what a lovely choice indeed!

45) Brown Twisted Braids

The brown twisted braids are chic and sassy with slender faux locs extending to your neck! If you are fond of long hair then check out this protective style for blacks! Just a couple of hours and you are ready!

46) Combination of Brown and Black

The smooth and slender brown and black locs are effortless! Fancy and chic, the brown and black are magnificent and draw attention wherever you go! So check it out right away!

47) Faux locs braid with white beads

The faux locs braids with a sense of beauty are gorgeous! Check out this new style with white beads attached along the length of hair. What a brilliant option to follow this season!

48) Knotless Braid

If you are looking for something easy and gorgeous then the knotless braid is all that you can opt for! Be ready to be the talk of the town with this fabulous choice.

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49) Effortless Look

An effortless look of the braids is right here! Gorgeous, graceful, smooth and slender, the long hairstyle is amazing and so easy for you to maintain! So what are you waiting for?

50) Absolutely Stunning Braids

Let us help you to create the stunning braids that are right here . If you are in the mood to transform your look then the braids are what you should indulge in! Check out this idea right away!

51) Long Black Braids

The jet Black braids are amazing! Long and slender we are so much in love with this idea that enhances your beauty manifold. Such an exclusive choice to try out!

52) Try out the clips

If you are in the mood for something quirky then the clip-on along the strand of the braid gives it a feisty appearance! From earrings to colorful clips, try out anything that can hang onto it!

53) Middle-parted faux locs

The beauty of the short and crisp middle-parted hairstyle of faux braid is fabulous and quite popular in the market these days. Check out for inspiration and be ready to be the center of attraction.

54) The knots all over the head

Why not try something truly quirky and mesmerizing? Here we have the knots all over the head in smalls and the idea is truly so fun-filled and feisty to try out!

55) Combined Buns and Braids

Combine buns and braids to create this exotic look! We have drawn the inspiration from this style! Graceful and flawless, the smooth and slender faux locs are right here to sway you off your feet!

56) Colorful Locs

If you haven’t tried out this idea yet then you should! Complement the long faux braids with colorful ones! Check out this idea! What a wonderful idea to try out this season!

57) Brown braids with clips

The thick and long brown braids are simply amazing and extend up to the waist! You can opt for a middle parting to divide the weight of the faux locs!

58) Dreadlocks Faux locs

Dreadlock with Faux Locs look stunning on this black model!

Dreadlocks Faux locs
Black faux locs (annivia_x_hair)

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59) Golden locs with beads

How can we miss out on the gorgeous golden locs? Smooth and elegant to carry around and flaunt no matter which outfit you are adorning.

60) Blonde Faux Goddess Locs

This stunning blonde faux goddess locs is a must-have style for girls this season.

Blonde Faux Locs

61) Small Faux Locs

Small faux locs allow those with natural hair to experiment with an authentically loc appearance without the long commitment. Achieving tinier faux locs close to the scalp adds lightness while amplifying this look’s playful, carefree vibe and immense styling potential.

Small Faux Locs
Small Faux Locs (lynstylesco)

62) Ginger Locs

Ginger locs are a unique and vibrant hairstyle option for those with naturally ginger or red toned hair. The fiery ginger color paired with the texture of locs creates an eye-catching statement look.

Ginger Faux Locs
Ginger Faux Locs (hairb.yniy)

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63) Messy Faux Locs

Messy Faux Locs (flawlessbylaura)

64) Mixed Blonde and Brown Faux Locs

Mixed Blonde and Brown Faux Locs

White Faux Locs

White Faux Locs

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Faux Locs FAQs

What is a faux loc?

Faux Locs are a temporary protective style where the hair extensions are loc’d and not natural hair. Some even consider them commitment-free dreads as they are a fun alternative to wearing your natural hair or braids. They are also low maintenance and flexible as it gives their wearer to switch up their looks without damaging their hair. It is a popular protective hairstyle amongst women who are looking to transition from relaxed to natural hair.

There are two popular ways for achieving the faux locs look. In the first method, natural hair Is styled into box braids and is then wrapped in either yarn, Marley hair, or kanekalon hair to create the look of dread locs. This method of installing faux locs enables the wearer to add a considerable amount of length to thier natural hair.

The second method or the crotchet method is a quicker method of installing faux locs. However, the end result isn’t as natural looking once finished. In this method, pre-formed locs are crocheted into cornrowed hair, cutting a considerable amount of time that would have been spent on braiding and twisting.

Why are they called faux loc?

Faux is a French word that is commonly used in English. The word is an adjective and indicates that an object is not genuine, false, artificial, or fake. Therefore, faux locs are called such because it is describing fake locs where extensions are loc’d and not real hair. The name is also an indication that the protective hairstyle mimics the aesthetic of actual deadlocks.

How do I prepare my hair for faux locs?

Protective hairstyles are an excellent way to optimize hair health and stimulate hair growth while still allowing the natural hair to rest. Whether you choose to get your hair braided, sewed in, or crocheted, it is important that you prep your hair and scalp adequately. Whenever your hair is in a protective hairstyle, it becomes hard to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair and remove build-up.

This leads to an irritated scalp. To avoid such a situation, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it helps control the growth of bacteria and fungi which could lead to minor infections or itchiness. Plus, the acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar removes build-up from hair, restores its pH levels, and brings back hair health. You can apply apple cider vinegar with any type of hydrating and moisturizing oil prior to washing your hair.

Let the apple cider vinegar sit on your scalp for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Then wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo. Make sure to scrub your scalp properly because you won’t have proper access to your scalp for weeks after getting a protective hairstyle installed. After shampooing your hair, apply a hydrating and moisturizing hair mask that is rich in protein. Protein will help strengthen your strands.

Can I wash my faux locs?

Unlike most protective hairstyles, faux locs don’t require to be washed very often. However, if you are an athletic person, sweat a lot, or have naturally oily hair, then you should clean your scalp to get rid of build-up. Clean your scalp with apple cider vinegar and then use a moisturizing shampoo on your scalp. Let the water run through your hair. The best way to wash your faux locs is in the shower as you can let the water run through your hair, carrying the shampoo from the root to tip. This way your locs will also stay intact. Pat your locs with a microfibre towel to avoid frizz.

Does faux locs damage your hair?

Faux locs are a protective hairstyle that designed to protect your natural hair from environmental damage. However, like with any other protective hairstyle, faux locs can damage your hair if your hair is not properly prepped before installation and because of poor installation technique. Not taking proper care of your locs after installation and being neglectful or forceful with your hair during removal can also damage your natural hair.

How long do faux locs last?

When faux locs are maintained properly, they can last up to 6 to 8 weeks or 2 months. It is time to remove your faux locs when you notice excess build-up, your hair seems very frizzy, and your scalp is constantly itchy and irritated.

Can faux locs become permanent?

Faux locs are not intended to become permanent. Faux locs are a protective hairstyle that uses synthetic hair. Over time, synthetic hair can have an adverse effect on your real hair as it starts to become heavy when the hair grows out. This puts a lot of extra weight on your roots, thereby, irritating your scalp. However, there are other protective hairstyles that use loc extensions which can be left in permanently when installed correctly. The density of real hair growing from the scalp to loc extensions is matched if you wish to keep them in permanently.

How do you sleep with faux locs?

Usually, faux locs can last a person 6 to 8 weeks. However, when that period is shortened when the faux locs are not taken care of properly, especially at night. With proper hair, you can preserve your hairstyle, moisturize your locs, and decrease the breakage of your natural hair. The traction between our head and the pillow can make the faux locs very frizzy.

Therefore, you must wrap your hair in a satin or silk head cover and prefer sleeping on pillowcases made from a similar material. Neither silk nor satin sucks moisture from your hair and is even comfortable to sleep in. If you have an itchy scalp, then we even recommend massaging natural oils on your scalp to keep it hydrated, treat dandruff, and simulate hair growth. However, moisturizing your hair and scalp every night is not that important.

How do you shower with faux locs?

While it is ok to rinse your faux locs every once-in-a-while, however, getting your faux locs wet frequently can add additional volume to the hair and make it heavy. We recommend shampooing and rinsing your scalp at least once a week or once every two weeks as it keeps odours and build-up at bay and even prevents dandruff.

Are faux locs reusable?

The reusability of faux locs depends on the quality of the hair extensions used. The better the quality, the more often you can reuse them. However, it is recommended to treat the faux locs with care while installed and after every use in order to use it again.

Why are faux locs so heavy?

The weight of the faux locs depends upon the weight of the locs material, how many locs are installed, and the hairstyle, you wish to have. They can also seem heavy when the moisture is not sealed in before the installation and maintained throughout their wear. Heavy faux locs can even lead to breakage.

Do faux locs feel heavy?

Poor installation and maintenance of faux locs contribute to the heaviness of faux locs. Plus, the volume of additional hair used to create this look can cause tension at the root of your hair. Therefore, if you wish to simulate hair growth, then there are other protective hairstyles that cause less tension at the root of your hair.

Can you moisturize faux locs?

Moisturizing and hydrating hair is necessary for all protective hairstyles. Without proper moisturization and hydration, protective hairstyles such as faux locs can become dry, brittle, and lacklustre. Moisturizing also prevents the breakage of natural hair and simulates its growth. Faux locs can be moisturized with leave-in conditioners and hair oil massage on the scalp.

What hair is used for faux locs?

Faux locs use hair extensions that can be made from either synthetic or human hair. Kanekalon hair is the most common, affordable, and widely available hair extension.

Can you blow-dry faux locs?

Blow-drying faux locs is recommended to ensure that they are completely dry after shampooing.

Are faux locs professional?

Faux locs are a great protective hairstyle that is low maintenance. They are considered professional and can be worn in a professional capacity as long as your hair seems neat, tidy, and well-groomed.

Are faux locs lighter than braids?

The weight of both faux locs and braids depend upon the volume and quality of hair used. Both of these hairstyles are meant to protect natural hair from breakage and the environment. However, faux locs are generally considered heavier than braids because of how much hair is used and the type used.

Are faux locs better than braids?

While both faux locs and braids have their pros and cons, faux locs tend to give their wearer more freedom in styling and movement than braids. Plus, braids tend to look better when they are freshly installed whereas faux locs tend to look better and more natural as they stay on. Faux locs also require comparatively less maintenance than braids.

How many times can faux locs be used?

The reusability of faux locs depends on the quality of hair used and the care that is put into the hair while it is installed, after it is installed and when it is removed.

Do you put faux locs in hot water?

Yes, you can put your faux locs in hot water. Usually, faux locs are dipped into hot water in order to loosen up the locs and soften their tips when the locs have become stiff. Hot boiling water is also used on hair ends by stylists to seal the ends and keep them from unravelling.

How much do faux locs cost?

The cost of faux locs installation depends upon the size, length, type of hair used, installation method, and stylist fees. Plus, your location matters too. Therefore, faux locs can cost between $200 to $1,000.

What is the difference between soft locs and faux locs?

Soft locs are considered a distinct style of faux locs that require a specific hair extension type and a specific installation method. Soft locs tend to be softer in touch than faux locs because of their unique wrapping technique. They are also less rigid and stiff than faux locs. It even provides better movement and agility of natural locs. Soft locs also tend to be lighter than faux locs, thereby, causing less tension to the scalp and preventing damage or breakage to natural hair.

Are faux locs the same as dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are described as a hairstyle associated with Rastafarianism in which hair is twisted while wet into tight braids or ringlets. Faux locs are not the same as dreadlocks, however, the two look very similar.  

What is the difference between faux locs and dreadlocks?

Both dreadlocks and faux locs are protective hairstyles that are very similar in appearance. But while dreadlocks are a permanent hairstyle, faux locs are a temporary version of dreadlocks.

Which is better soft locs or faux locs?

Both soft locs and faux locs have pros and cons. For instance, faux locs require less maintenance, can be worn for up to two and a half months, and tend to look better with age. Whereas soft locs take less time to install than faux locs, give their wearer more flexibility, and are lightweight.

How to do faux locs?

Here is a good video tutorial on how to do faux locs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgP0WD-lAiE

How long do faux locs take?

The time it takes to install faux locs can vary greatly depending on the size, style, and technique used by your hair stylist. Faux loc installation process can take:

1) 2-4 hours for short faux locs: Short faux locs use less hair, requiring simpler braiding and wrapping methods by experienced stylists. Appointments generally last 2-4 hours.

2) 4-8 hours for medium faux locs: The most common faux loc length is around collarbone/mid-back which takes 4-8 hours depending on thickness and number of locs installed. 

3) 8+ hours for extra long faux locs: For extremely long 30+ inch faux locs or those desiring hundreds of thin locs, faux loc installation can take 8+ hours. 

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