Trending Natural Hairstyles for Kids in 2024

In this article, we are going to talk about some easy-to-do natural hairstyles for kids which will help your kids embrace their culture and also potentially save you a little time in the morning.

Ask any parent, school days are the most stressful days of the year. Carpools, extracurricular activities, and afternoon pickups only adds to a parents’ stress.

However, it is also the perfect time for Black Americans to connect to their roots and showcase their artistry. The possibilities of different hairstyles for kids are limitless on both short and long hair.

These age-appropriate protective hairstyles will teach your children about the beauty of black hair and help them understand how wonderfully versatile it is.

Cute Natural Hairstyles for Kids

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair

If your child has long hair, then bubbly ponytails are an easy, fast, and cute look that shows off their long tresses. You can make the look even cuter with bright hair bands and hair beads.

Pink Bubble Braids for Girls

Dutch and Bubble Braid Natural Hairstyles for Girls

Dutch and Bubble Braid Hairstyle natural hairstyles for kids
Dutch and Bubble Braid Hairstyle

Bubble Braids with Heart Piggies

In this hair is sectioned in to multiple ponytails or bubbles with sections with pigtails curls at the end. Don’t you think it’s a perfect hairstyle for 8 year olds?

Double Bubble Ponytails

Double Bubble Ponytails Front
Double Bubble Ponytails Front

Comb Coils

Side Ponytails with Colorful Beads

You can style your child’s braids into different styles of ponytails if your child wants a new hairdo every week.

Natural Hair Styles for Kids

Braids with Pop of Girly Colors

Braids are #1 favorite hairstyles for kids. Here are some variations of this iconic style. You can elevate your child’s look with some beads towards the end of the braids.

Braids with Beads and Ribbons

Below are some easy natural hair braids for black girls.

Heart braids with Two Buns

 Rubberband & Twist Set Bead Pattern with Beads

 Rubberband & Twist Set Bead Pattern
 Rubberband & Twist Set Bead Pattern (therish_experience)

Braids with 6-8 Feeders

Half Feeders/Half Knotless Site

Boho Braids

Large Knotless for Kids

Medium Bohemian Box Braids with Curly Ends

Bantu Knots for Kids

If you are looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t require heating your child’s hair, then Bantu knots are your answer. This protective hairstyle is super cute and prevents breakage and moisture loss.

Bantu Knots, Beads & Two-strand Twist

Bantu knots are ever popular black kid hairstyles which are stunning as well unique.

Puffy Updo

A puffy updo is a staple natural hairstyle for young girls that don’t block your child’s view and get in their way when they do arts and crafts. Another cute hairstyles for girls black!


If you are worried about the stress that a protective hairstyle can cause to your child’s scalp, then you can choose Afro hairstyles which are easy hairstyles for black kids.

Kids Cornrows

As your children get older, protective hairstyles such as cornrows are versatile and time-saving.

Kids Knotless Box Braids

Jumbo Children’s Box Braids

Jumbo braids are the perfect braids for your child if you want their braids to be installed and removed fast.

Butterfly Locs for Kids

Butterfly braids are a lightweight long-term protective hairstyle that locks in a lot of moisture in your hair and even allows you to style it in multiple different ways. If your little one likes to experiment with their style, then butterfly locs is the perfect black girl hairstyles for kids.

Fulani Braids for Kids

Fulani braids are a beautiful and fun braided hairstyles for black kids.

Mohawk for Black Kids

A mohawk is an extremely cute and kid-friendly hairstyle. You can make the look even better with a fun undercut design.

Mohawk Black Kids
Mohawk Black Kids


Micro braids are versatile and suitable for children who are extremely active as they can withstand frequent washings.

Microbraids for Kids
Microbraids for Kids

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