60+ Fulani Tribal Braids: Exotic Hairstyles Trending in 2024

Fulani Tribal Braids! The name sounds intriguing for a braid lover like you, isn’t it? Yes, that is right Fulani Tribal Braids hairstyles have been gaining popularity over the years and trending in the fashion market ever since they were brought to the limelight.

What are Fulani Braids?

The Fulani tribes originally belonged to the West Africa, to be precise, they were dispersed in parts of Central and North Africa. These tribal communities used to adorn hairstyles in such a manner.

Fulani tribal braids are traditionally styled in a pattern of small to medium-sized cornrows that run from the front hairline to the back of the head, with small braids interwoven in between.

Fulani tribal braids are also known as ‘Bo Braids‘ as Bo Derek was instrumental in popularizing it.

Fulani tribal braids are often accessorized with beads, cowrie shells, clips and rings.

Fulani braids hairstyle is a traditional look that is combined with many modern techniques to acquire the end results! There are freestyle stitches and heart patterns that are combined with the Fulani braids to come up with new variants of locs.

Knotless, cornrow, criss-cross, and butterfly are some of the common ones created along with Fulani patterns.

Fulani braids have become popular in recent times due to Kim Kardashian and Bo Derek.

Mainly done with black braids however there is no harm to explore and experiment, isn’t it?

60+ Trending Fulani Tribal Braids 2024

1) Classic Fulani Tribal braids

This Fulani tribal braids hairstyle is a classic in more than one sense. It is fuss free yet elegant! This style has been donned by many celebrities recently.

2) The Criss-cross Stitch braids

The gorgeous criss-cross stitch braids are combined with green highlights and the idea turns out to be simply exotic.

3) Classic Fulani Criss-cross braids

The classic Fulani braids combined with the criss-cross in front make this idea an extraordinary one indeed. Such a brilliant choice of braid indeed to opt for.

Criss Cross Fulani Braids
Criss Cross Fulani Braids (heavenlytouch_hair_nail_studio)

4) Freestyle Fulani Braids

How amazing are the freestyle Fulani braids which are so exciting and gorgeous! You can have a look at the hairstyle here which will compel you more to get them for yourself. So shall we?

5) Fulani+organico

Here is another fantastic hairstyle that you should indulge in! The combination of Fulani and organico is a wonderful option for you to explore. Check out this idea and guess what? The tribal braids with curly hair in the back ends are so easy to create.

6) Blonde Fulani Tribal Braids

This Fulani tribal braids in blonde hair is as stunning as it can be!

Blonde Fulani Tribal Braids
Blonde Fulani Braids (drenya_trancista)

7) Criss-cross Fulani braids

We have another idea for the Fulani braids in a freestyle manner! The length is the specialty of the design and an exclusive creation. Simple, gorgeous and out of the world we must say!

8) Knotless Fulani Braids with baby hair

Fulani braids with knotless looks gives a retro vibes!

Knotless Fulani Braids with baby hair
Knotless Fulani braids hairstyles (lishalayhairr251)

9) Flower Tribal Braids

If you are opting for tribal braids then the flower tribal hairstyles of Fulani origin are a great idea for you to explore. Don it for a distinguished look that everyone is bound to find stunning.

10) Updo Stitch Braids

The beauty of the updo stitch Fulani braids is simply out of this world. Here is an idea that you simply should not miss out on. Graceful and awesome, give it a try for sure this season.

11) Fulani Braids with Curly Ends

This another interpretation of Fulani Braids with curly ends. Doesn’t look hot?

12) Pink and Black Fulani Braids

If you are obsessed with braids then the pink and black hairstyle with slender and smooth braids makes you look so gorgeous. The style makes you look ready for the party as well as formal events.

Pink and Black Fulani Braids
Fulani braids 2024 (boxbraidsmemes)

13) Top knot with long Fulani braids

You can try out some modifications with the Fulani long braids which can be styled into a top knot!

Top knot with long Fulani braids
Top knot with long Fulani braids (negatay)

14) Half-up Half-down Braids

The exotic half-up and half-down braids make you look simply flawless! We are in love with this idea with the neat braids falling effortlessly on one’s shoulder. So shall we?

15) Classy Fulani Braids

The Fulani braids are a wonderful option that looks so exclusive! From kids to adults, the classy Fulani braids are meant for every age group.

16) Black and Yellow Fulani Braids

Here is another amazing choice of Fulani braids that combines two different colors of locs! Easy-peasy and hassle-free to handle them, we can guarantee.

17) Refreshing Fulani Braids

The refreshing look presented by the knotless and the Fulani braids are awesome and you should give it a try!

18) Shoulder-Length Loose Curls with Beaded Mini-Fulani Braids⁣

This twist with loose curls and min-Fulani can transform any black lady to a gorgeous afro queen!

19) Tribal Braids with Beads

If you wish to acquire the authentic tribal braids styles then the knotted braids are the ideal option! Carry the aura of uniqueness wherever you go with this hairstyle! What a brilliant idea indeed!

20) Short Fulani Braids

If you feel the long braids are a heavy commitment that you cannot bear to have then there is still a way to make braids and not feel uneasy! Check out this idea of fulani tribal braids with curls (small fulani braids with curls) which suits every outfit!

21) Short Fulani Braids with Beads

This short Fulani braids with beads is so effortlessly classy and easy to maintain!

22) Mid-Shoulder Length Fulani Braids with White Beads

This style by a girl in bikini looks hot and fetching!

23) Blazing Red Braids

We are absolutely in love with the small straight back feed in braids in red color! Graceful and gorgeous, you will be the talk of the town with this exotic idea right here for you to emulate! So what are you waiting for?

24) Knotless Fulani Braids for Kids

Your little daughter will be surprised as well as delighted as you do the tribal braids with heart design with knotless for her.

Knotless Fulani Braids for Kids
Kids Fulani Braids (detroitbraider9)

25) Half Fulani Braids

Half braids with baby hair curls never looked so enticing!

26) Short Tribal Braids with Multi-colored Beads

You can always choose to accessorize with colorful beads!

27) Combo of Red and Black Fulani braids

If you wish to experiment with shades then the combination of red and black Fulani braids is simply outstanding!

28) Double Buns with Fulani Braids

If you wish to try out something unique and fancy with Fulani braids then here is an option that should not miss out on. These knotted buns will give you a quirky look for the season.

29) Long Tribal Braids

We are in love with the beautiful and smooth tribal braids! Flawless and charming, this is a great idea that you should not miss out on! What a magnificent idea it is!

30) Blonde Fulani Braids

How amazing are these blonde braids which look extremely pretty! Believe us you will not be able to stop yourself from indulging in this beautiful idea right here for the summers!

31) Pink in the Middle Parts Tribal Braids

We tried this middle part fulani braids look with a pink braid in the middle and guess what this turns out to be the most exotic idea for the little clients.

32) Fulani Braids in a Bun or Half Up Half Down Tribal Braids

We are here to help you out with the gorgeous stitch braids that will give you a look of confidence and beauty!

33) Long Braids with Curls

The long braids with curls makes you look so amazing! This idea is meant for all age groups and so easy and hassle-free to maintain. So get it done today and be the diva you dreamt to become.

34) 2 layer Tribal Braids Middle Part

The two-layer natural hairstyle is amazing and you are certainly going to fall in love with this idea which suits every outfit!

35) Burgundy Tribal Braids

The classic Fulani braids in burgundy are amazing and such an extraordinary idea for you to indulge in! Attached beads to make your hair look even more beautiful!

36) Traditional Braids

If you wish to explore something traditional and beautiful then the Fulani braids are here to sway you off your feet!

37) Fiery Red Tribal Braids

How can we miss out on the fiery red Fulani braids? Start with black and then proceed onto the entire length with red highlights!

38) Crisscross Fulani Braids

Fulani braids with criss cross look so chic that you just might be tempted to get it next time. It is a take on the traditional Fulani style with neat cornrow braids at the front of the head, with decorative criss-crossed braids trailing down the back

Fulani braids criss cross (justbraidsinfo)

39) Stunning Fulani Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are a classic idea that you can explore this season! We are in love with this style which confers you with a chic and modern sense of beauty and style along with a hint of wilderness.

40) Golden Locs

The golden locs are fascinating and slender. Giving you a distinguished sense of beauty, the golden braids are outstanding for you to indulge in. What a graceful and gorgeous choice it is!

41) Tribal Braids with Curls

The tribal braids with curls are fancy, fabulous and lovely, the braids are long and smooth to make you look amazing indeed. Matching with your spirits, you will be the center of the attraction.

42) Curly Fulani Braids

We have modified the look of Fulani with the curls falling over on either sides!

43) Ombre and Blonde Tribal Fulani Braids

You simply should not miss out on the ombre Fulani braids which are created with the transition of black into blonde.

44) Heart Fulani Braids with Designs

This tribal braids with designs at the front is definitely eye-catching!

45) Dashing Yellow Beaded Fulani Tribal Braids

We have segregated the Fulani braids into two ponytails and then attached beads at the end for a Boho look!

46) Neon Braids

The neon braids will stand out wherever you go with the neon braids and the combination of black waiting to make your season vibrant and so feisty! So shall we?

47) Beaded Fulani Braids for the Little ones

If you wish to adorn your kids with colorful beads then the Fulani braids with these vibrant kids are amazing! Your toddlers will look so adorable with this awesome hairstyle.

48) Blonde Braids

The blonde side part tribal braids are simply outstanding! Fancy and chic, the blonde transitioning into black is magnificent and leaves one completely smitten! This is a wonderful idea that you must try out for this holiday season.

49) Pink Tribal Braids

The tribal brands with pink are a graceful choice that you should not miss out on! You are going to thank us later for this suggestion that will leave you looking like no less than a diva.

50) Golden Beads with Short Fulani Braids

This golden beaded braids hairstyle is short and crisp and is such a wonderful idea that suits every age group. Do not forget to give it a try this holiday season when you go partying.

Short Fulani Braids (ctbhairxpressions)

51) Goddess Faux Locs Fulani Braids

Fulani goddess braids look stunning and regal.

52) Pretty Knotless Fulani Braids

Another example of tribal knotless braids.

53) Red Tribal Braids with Knotless

54) Fulani Braids Softlocs

This combo of Fulani braids with soft locs captivating fusion of traditional and modern hair styling.

55) Ghana Braids

The Ghana braids are a modified look of the classic Fulani braids with a knotless style! This is so exciting and exotic for you to try out this holiday season. So shall we?

56) Fulani Ponytails

The beautiful ponytail with Fulani braids is simply mind-blowing!

57) Tribal Braids with 3D Butterflies

These jumbo Fulani braids with 3D butterflies are so girly!

58) Green Fulani Braids

This tribal braids with color that too green is so unique!

59) Loose Tribal Braids

Half braided hairstyles are always so refreshing. These are perfect for a beach vacay!

60) Freestyle 8 Stitch Braids

Fulani Freestyle Braids (nsgalore)

61) Freestyle Fulani Braids with Curls

Freestyle Fulani Braids with Curls
Freestyle Fulani Braids with Curls (rislayss)

62) Fulani Braids with Heart

Fulani Braids with Heart
Fulani Braids with Heart (touchedbymaar_)

63) Fulani Braids with Diamond Parts

Fulani Braids with Diamond Parts
Fulani Braids with Diamond Parts (minkyme_)

64) Half Up Half Down Fulani Braids

Half Up Half Down Fulani Braids
Half Up Half Down Fulani Braids (sts.styleszz)

65) Ombre Fulani Braids

Ombre Fulani Braids
Ombre Fulani Braids (beautifulbraidsofcolour)

Things required for getting Fulani Hairstyle

  1. A rat-tailed comb
  2. Prestretched braided hair
  3. Mousse
  4. Shine and Jam

So if you are wondering what Fulani braids look like then let us tell you that these are simple cornrow braids which was a styling pattern that was used by the Fulani tribes as we said.

If you wish to try out something traditional and yet modern then the Fulani braids should top your list of hairstyle choices.

If you take proper care of your Fulani braids then they will last as long as six weeks and even longer. The price of getting these braids in a salon ranges from $150-350 depending on the intricacy of the pattern.

How to do Fulani Tribal Braids?

If you are interested in acquiring these Fulani braids by yourself then you have to read on.

  • Divide your hair into two sections to get the knotless Fulani braids.
  • The back section of your hair should consist of ¾ of the total and the front should have ¼ of the total hair.
  • You can now start to make knotless braids with the section of hair behind.
  • You can even stitch the cornrow braids whichever you wish to have! Cornrows are in front to create the Fulani style.
  • Now apply Shine and Jam in the front section to give a beautiful shimmer and smoothness.
  • There are several designs you can incorporate as a sign of experimenting with your hair and showcasing your quirky spirit.
  • Always remember the more Shine and Jam you use the better to create sections and separate them into clean braids.
  • Then as the next step apply the mouse and dip the ends of the braids in warm water.

This was all about getting the gorgeous Fulani braids and you can get them done with no hassle at all!

How to do Fulani Tribal Braids with Knotless Braids?

1) Start with the hair preparation

As we tell you, getting a protective hairstyle needs you to prepare your natural hair first! Treating with shampoo, showering, and then deep conditioning your hair are some of the most basic and yet so important before you make braids. This will ensure that your natural hair does not lack moisture as it is knotted to the locs. This is also a great way to ensure that your locs last longer than usual.

2) Now detangle

Before you start making the braids always remember to detangle the strands such that no obstructions are present along the length. A detangling brush is the best option to get the job done as it does not break your hair or pull around your roots but gently untangles the strands.

3) Now you need to blow dry them

Blow drying gives a lighter and smoother consistency to your hairstyle. After detangling do not forget to blow dry them before you move to the next step.

4) It is time to part ways

Not yet for us but for your hair strands! You need to part your hair into sections so you can create the braids now. A rat tail comb is highly useful in such matters.

5) It is time for you to apply the hair cream

You should apply a nourishing hair cream to your hair before you start braiding. This will lock the moisture in your hair and allow you to maintain a nourishing hairstyle.

6) It is time for you to braid your hair

Now put the folded extension on your head and start pulling them apart so that they are present on either side of the natural hair section. You can create general hairstyle braids with three sections.

7) Mist with holding spray

Most with holding spray are used from the bottom to the top of your scalp. This ensures that the natural hair sticks to the synthetic locs to prevent the hairstyle from getting untangled.

These are the basic steps of getting knotless braids which you can apply to the other sections as well.

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How to Take Care of Fulani Tribal Braids

There are different ways to take care of your hairstyle, including the Fulani knotless ones! Let us check them out.

1) Moisturize your hair

Even if your natural hair is tangled in your synthetic locs yet they require moisturizing! You can apply moisturizer to the surface of the braids and allow them to slowly seep in.

2) Practice a night care routine

Always cover your braids in a cap or a scarf as you go to bed. When you are tossing and shifting on the bed, these braids may untangle and get destroyed.

3) Remember to wash your hair regularly

Cleaning your hair is essential so that the braids remain healthy! When you are shampooing your locs allow the water to gently run down without squeezing your fingers into your hair or else the braids may get loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between tribal and Fulani braids?

There is no difference between Tribal and Fulani braids. Fulani braids are also called tribal braids because Fulani is a name of a tribe in West Africa.

Are Fulani braids tribal braids?

Yes, Fulani braid is just another name for tribal braids.

What country do Fulani braids come from?

Fulani braids came from the Fulani tribes which inhabit West Africa and Sahel region. A significant part of this tribe live in and around Senegal. So we can say that Fulani braids came from Senegal.

Who wears Fulani braids?

Fulani braids were popular among Senegalese women. Bo Derek made it popular in USA.

How long do Fulani braids last?

Fulani braids can easily last up to 2 months depending on how well you maintain them. Over that, you may risk hair breakage.

Are Fulani braids protective?

Yes, Fulani braids are a protective hairstyle as they keep the hair protected from harsh weather, wind, and fingers.

How Much Do Fulani Braids Cost?

The cost of Fulani braids depend on man factors such as the length of the braids, stylist, the style chosen, beads and much more. The cost of Fulani braids can range from $150-$500

Can you put Fulani braids in a ponytail?

Yes, Fulani braids can be put in a ponytail. We have shown a few Fulani braids in a ponytail styles above.

Can Fulani braids be styled without beads?

Yes, Fulani braids be styles with or without beads.

Hopefully, our collection of Fulani hairstyles pictures have given your enough creative inspiration for your next hairdo!