40+ Hottest Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles in 2024

You might be fascinated about the origins of the term “Pop Smoke Braids” and its significance! Well, this is a great question given the intriguing name.

The unique Pop Smoke braids hairstyle finds its roots in the renowned rapper Pop Smoke, hailing from Brooklyn, who became widely recognized for popularizing this distinctive hairdo.

However, he passed away in 2020 and to honor his contribution to the rapping culture soon this kind of hairstyle gained popularity around the world.

Are you intrigued to know whether this recent hairstyle represents a unique and groundbreaking trend? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Before 2020, a similar hairstyle existed in the market under various names such as jumbo tribal braids, 3 layer braids (now 3 layer pop smoke braids), big tribal braids, and even 3 layer cornrows, among others.

Surprisingly, once this style got its new name, the hairstyle was the most famous one in the market and was acquired by almost everyone interested in braids.

If you have an interest in braids and faux locs styling, you are likely familiar with the emerging trend of popsmoke braids making waves in the industry.

These are gaining popularity over the years and now it is time for you to check them out! If you own your parlor or wish to get it for yourself then we are here to help you out!

This article is your ultimate guide and will help you with the complete task to get done with perfection and beauty! And the best part is that these pop smoke locs are absolutely low maintenance and super cute matching all outfits.

Trending Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle Ideas to Try Out in 2024

In this section we will showcase the most stunning pop smoke braids for women.

1) Gorgeous Brown Pop Smoke Style Braids

If you want a fun approach to braids, then try out an Ombre brown hairstyle. Ombre, in the context of hairstyling, pertains to a shading technique that involves skillfully blending two colors – one being lighter and the other displaying a darker hue.

2) Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle with Water Waves

If you are heading to a party then the pop smoke type braids with water waves makes it such a feminine style. These are excellent to render your timeless beauty! Water waves are a great way to accentuate your femininity and play with your baby hair.

3) Long Brown Pop Smoke feed in Braids

Long brown pop smoke feed in braids is a unique hairstyle. This effect is accomplished by utilizing the feed-in method, which involves parting the hair down the center and then carefully integrating the shades.

Feed in pop smoke braids hairstyle adds fullness and volume to your long hair.

4) Cornrow Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle

With a cornrow pop smoke braid hairstyle, you will never go unnoticed. This look combines the best of both hairstyles.

Pop smoke cornrows on girls provide an elaborate pattern and distinct center-parted braids. This look is perfect for people with long, medium, and short hair.

5) Medium pop smoke braids with a touch of Blue

Don’t want extremely long braids but would still like some length to your hair, then this medium pop smoke braids on females with a touch of blue is the look for you. This look can be accessorized with hair bands, beads, and different colours for a dramatic flair.

6) Large knotless Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle

Large knotless pop smoke braids are perfect for any special occasion and even day-to-day life. This hairstyle has a beautiful, elegant, and professional appeal.

Large knotless Pop Smoke baird Hairstyle
Large Pop smoke braids female style(theprettydopexperience)

7) Classic Pop Smoke Hairstyle for Ladies

Pop smoke braids are an excellent choice for afro-textured hair, providing a protective option that is low maintenance. Classic pop smoke braids can be achieved on all lengths of hair and add a feminine touch to your look. This style is perfect for saving time that you would have rather spent on styling your hair.

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8) Traditional Pop Smoke hair

Traditional tribal braids are a great way to use your braids to accentuate your best facial features. This is a hairstyle that is subtle yet still attention-grabbing.

9) Long Hair Pop Smoke braids

If you are fond of long hair then these smooth and slender braids of the Pop Smoke variety are the right option for you! The idea is truly fascinating! Do remember to check it out!

Pop smoke braids long look is perfect for people who are looking for a hairstyle that is simple and can complement numerous outfits.

10) Neat Pop smoke braids

Pop smoke braids female hairstyles are usually very tightly woven into each other giving people a very neat and clean appearance. This look is not boring and still has a lot of personality.

11) Long and thick braids

Depending on the length and size of braids you want, you can feed in more hair to give your braids a thicker and longer appearance. This hairstyle is versatile and is still perfect for any occasion.

12) Short and Thick Pop Smoke Braids

The short and thick pop smoke braid styles has become a sought-after trend in hairstyling. This chic hairstyle is created by first parting the hair into two even sections, followed by dividing each side into four distinct large braids. This look will look amazing with some beads or curls at the end of the braids.

13) Golden Pop Smoke hairstyle

The golden pop smoke hairstyle braids is yet another elegant, unique, and attractive hair take on pop smoke braids. The beautiful shade of golden works well with different makeup looks and even enhances the appeal of earrings and bracelets. if you’re looking for a pop smoke braids with color then this is the ONE!

14) Side Part Pop Smoke Braids Zig Zag

Side part pop smoke braids are a stylish and easy hairstyle. You can make this look even more unique by adding a zig-zag pattern or combining them with cornrows. The great thing about pairing side-part pop smoke braids with cornrows is the easy installation and uninstallation. The hairstyle below is a classic example of pop smoke braids with beads at the end.

15) Short Pop Smoke Braids

The short pop smoke braids are incredibly trendy amongst women with short hair.

Cute pop smoke braids short hair style is achieved by dividing the natural hair into equal parts and then dividing the hair into four large braids. The look is enhanced even further by adding beads or cuffs to the braids.

Short Pop Smoke Bairds
Pop Smoke Braids Short Hair Style (braidsambassador)

16) Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle

Jumbo pop smoke braid hairstyle is achieved by using extensions to create a fuller appearance. The oversized braids are fun and flattering.

Pop smoke jumbo braids are versatile as well as you can also add hair cuffs or beads, depending on your preference.

17) Seductive Thick Jumbo Pop Smoke

Jumbo tribal braids are an older and more traditional version of the pop smoke braid. This braid style creates less friction on the scalp and can be improved by adding a pop of colour such as blue or green.

18) Green Pop Smoke Braids

As we all know, the color green is a bold hair color that is reserved for daring black women. It is a head-turner and is available in many shades. Green highlights on black hair are also a wonderful option. The color green adds a unique and surprisingly chic twist to pop smoke braids for females.

19) Burgundy Pop Smoke Braids

This burgundy pop smoke braids front and back looks stunning! The color burgundy looks absolutely gorgeous on brown and black women. Unlike green which is fun and exuberant, the color burgundy is mature, and sexy, and complements many skin shades.

The burgundy pop smoke braids give an absolutely ravishing and bold appearance, adding a touch of vibrant elegance to your overall style. See below this pop smoke braids front and back…

Burgundy Pop Smoke Bairds
Pop Smoke Braids Girl Version (smilenstyle_)

20) Bright Blue Pop Smoke Braids Style

The color blue look amazing on black women. And there are plenty of different ways to rock the hair. From blue ombre to bright blue to dark blue, all look wonderful on black women. The color blue blends like a dream in this pop smoke braids style.

21) Pop Smoke braids with Weave and Beads

Any braid hairstyle can be easily elevated by adding beads. Beads have the ability to accentuate a protective style while simultaneously acknowledging the cultural importance of braiding, as West African countries are known for their beads. Check out this amazing long pop smoke braids with beads below.

Pop Smoke bairds with Beads
Long Pop Smoke Braids (aye_shara)

22) Heart Pop Smoke Braids

Heart Pop Smoke Braids – pop smoke braids back view

23) Cornrow Pop Smoke

Cornrow Pop Smoke
Cornrow Pop Smoke (afro_dreamz)

24) Pop Smoke Braids with Dreads for Women

Creative Pop Smoke Baird Hairstyles for Men

Here are some of the trending pop smoke baird hairstyle for men.

1) Short Pop Smoke Stitch Braids

Short pop smoke stitch braids are a versatile hairstyle that is more than an embellishment, it is a nod to the original tribal braids.

The great thing about stitch pop smoke braids is that you are offered many options for installation and can have a unique style every time.

Short Pop Smoke Stitch Braids
Pop Smoke Stitch Braids (_hairbyclair)

2) Short Pop Smoke Baird Hairstyle

Pop smoke braids with design are versatile and can be worn on long or short hair. On shorter hair, this beautiful braid hairstyle promotes natural hair growth and protects your hair from friction and breakage.

Pop smoke stitch braids on short hair is also easier to maintain and less time-consuming to install. Check pop smoke braids back view.

3) cornrow Pop Smoke hairstyle

The modern cornrow Pop Smoke hair style is a great idea that you should not miss out on. This look can be achieved on hair that is long enough to be braided and you can weave braiding hair for added length.

4) Men Pop Smoke braids

A classic short pop smoke braid hairstyle on men is an incredibly intricate and bold style. The best part about this style is that it’s easy to install yet exceeds all expectations.

5) Gorgeous cornrow Pop Smoke braids

Here is another amazing idea for pop smoke hairstyles. We are in love with this style and you surely find this an excellent choice. These gangster braids styles are popular with black men because they don’t need extensions and can be installed from the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Get it done today!

6) Stitch Bairds for men

Stitch braids is a distinctive variation of the pop smoke braid style, which used stitch-in braiding technique for a truly stunning and fashionable look. It is a popular and classic braid hairstyle choice amongst men due to its low maintenance and attention to detail.

7) Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids with zig-zag parts is a blend of two highly sought-after hair trends resulting in a striking and contemporary hairstyle choice.

Zigzag pop smoke braids often draw people’s attention towards the scalp, therefore, it gives the wearer the opportunity to express their creative side and be more fun.

Pop smoke zig zag braids look can be created on multiple hair types, textures, and lengths.

Pop Smoke Braids Zigzag for men
Pop Smoke Braids Zigzag for men
Men's Pop Smoke Braids
Men’s Pop Smoke Braids

8) Pop Smoke Braids with Dreads for Men

Pop Smoke Braids with Dreads for Men

Cute Pop Smoke Baird Hairstyles for Kids

In this segment, the most exquisite collection of pop smoke braids for boys and pop smoke braids for girls are presented.

1) Simple Pop Smoke Braids for kids

A simple small and cute pop smoke braid hairstyle on kids is a great way to protect natural hair. These braids don’t take all day to install and feel light on a child’s scalp. It doesn’t tug on their scalp due to its lightweight. It is also a simple yet versatile hairstyle.

Simple Pop Smoke Braids for kids
small pop smoke braids

2) Long Pop Smoke knotless braids

We have combined the look of knot less and Pop Smoke braids on girls and the outcome turns out to be like this one. These long and smooth braids give you a distinguished beauty indeed. It provides the hair with an amazing structure that attracts positive compliments

3) Graceful Pop Smoke braids for the little girls

While pop smoke braids are a great hairstyle choice for women of all ages, however, they are extremely functional and look great on younger girls as well. Starting the school year and wish to get a hairstyle that requires little daily maintenance but is still unique, then short pop smoke dreads are perfect for you.

4) Pink Pop Smoke Braids

The great thing about pop smoke braids is that it gives us innumerable creative alternatives. For instance, if your child wants something unique, that matches their creative side, then you can ask your hairstylist to add pink thread or hair extensions while installing pop smoke braids.

Things needed for a Pop Smoke Braids hairstyle

  • You will need three to five packs of Hair to get this design of Pop Smoke Hairstyle done.
  • The pre-spread braiding hair is better as it gives a sense of smoothness and does not appear bulky.
  • Edge control: This is required for a polished look and a sense of smoothness applied at the top of the hair braids.
  • Braiding hair
  • A pair of scissors to trim and cut the braids accordingly.
  • Use a comb to effectively and precisely separate the strands, ensuring proper arrangement and placement for your braiding process.
  • Moisturizer: This is added before making the braids so that no friction occurs between the fingers and the braid.
  • Hair oil to lock and keep the moisturizer intact in the hair.

Is Pop Smoke hairstyle possible with natural Hair?

There are some basic steps involved in getting Pop Smoke hair and we are here to guide you through the task! Follow the steps that are given below.

1) First wash and condition your hair completely: Washing and deep conditioning are required so that the moisture is locked in your hair for a long time! While the treatment is going on, the hair will be devoid of moisture for a long time and they are prone to getting dry!

Deep conditioning treatment ensures that your hair remains smooth and does not break from the roots. The conditioner is applied to your hair, subjecting it to heat. This permits deep conditioning. A steamer or a hooded dryer is the best option.

2) Moisturize your hair properly: You need some cream and oil to moisturize the hair properly! This is essential to lock more and more moisture into the hair!

Ensuring the strands remain adequately moisturized is crucial, as allowing them to dry out significantly impacts hair quality, potentially resulting in breakage and damage.

3) Now stretch your hair: It’s imperative to perform hair stretching to prevent unnecessary frizz and maintain smoothness in your hair. This step is crucial to avoid any complications during the braiding process and maintain the integrity of your natural hair. Stretching prevents curls in the hair and you will have no trouble making the braids.

4) Hot combing is required for the edge and the roots: If you want a smooth and sleek look then use a hot comb to make the edges and the roots even out. At the end of the process, you need to section your hair! At least three to four sections are desirable.

5) Go ahead with braiding the hair: Now that you have moisturized your hair and sectioned it, get started with creating the braids by collecting as many strands as you need along the way till the end of the length. Cut at the end.

6) Dip the ends in hot water: After you have finished making all the braids, now it is time for you to seal the ends by dipping them in steaming hot water. If the braids are pre-stretched then you may not need this technique but there is no harm in still dipping your braid ends in hot water. These are all the steps that you need to follow in order to get beautiful Pop Smoke Braids.

Here are some of the tips and things you should know about getting Pop Smoke braids. Now that you are enriched with the knowledge of how to acquire them, we have some wonderful ideas that you can try out for yourself!

How to do pop smoke braids?

Here is a good video on how to do pop smoke braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get pop smoke braids?

The cost of Pop smoke braids hairstyle can range from $100-$250. It depends on a lot of factors such as salon, hairstylist, accessories used, length of your hair and faux hair used.

How do you sleep with pop smoke braids?

During bedtime, you should follow these steps to ensure your hair and hairstyle remain health. Wrap your hair in a satin a scarf. Don't use cotton. A satin scarf will keep the moisture content in balance and ensure that the pop smoke braids last longer. If you cannot wrap your hair then you can sleep on a pillow with satin or silk pillowcase.

What is the pop smoke braids called?

Pop smoke braids are actually cornrow stitch braids. They are named pop smoke braids because the late rapper Pop Smoke donned this style with four braids on each side. 

How to maintain the Pop Smoke Braids?

The next question that arises after you have created Pop Smoke braids is how to maintain them! Use a satin scarf and place it underneath the braids when you tie them so that the braids remain intact! Choose a scarf matching your outfit since you have to carry it around on your head to maintain the braids.

Is it possible to take care of your Hair when it is in the form of Braids?

You can still care for your natural hair while it is in Popsmoke braids. You need to make a spray with three parts water and one part conditioner and spray it on the braids along the entire length. This must be done at night so the hair can soak the moisture for a long time. You can try this technique about two to three times a week.

Hope, our exhaustive collection of pop smoke braids pictures helped you choose your next hair style!

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