80 Passion Twists Hairstyles in 2024

What are Passion Twists Hairstyles?

Passion twists are an effervescent and graceful protective hairstyle that is perfect for both professional, formal, and casual settings. Very much similar to faux locs or bohemian braids in appearance, passion twists have a more relaxed and natural feel to them. Plus, the they are super easy-to-maintain, whilst still managing to look effortless. 

Trending Passion Twists Hairstyles in 2024

Short Ombre Passion Twist

Ombré Passion twists for anyone craving a stunning hairstyle with dark roots and beautifully colored ends. This style is elegantly ombré-d with gorgeous shades, offering a perfect blend of beauty and vibrancy.

Passion Braids with Long Hair

Boho Passion Twists

Spring Twists

Spring Twists
Spring Twists

Passion Twist with Top Bun

Small Red Passion Braids

Multicolor Passion Twist

Passion Braids with Middle Parting

Passion Twists with Side Parting

Cute Passion Braids

Cute Passion Twists
Cute Passion Braids

Jumbo Passion Twists

Jumbo Passion Twists
Jumbo Passion Twists

Passion Braids with Multicolored Highlights

Passion Twists Braids

Passion Twists Braids
Passion Twists Braids

Passion Twist Updo

Medium Black Passion Twists with Brown Highlights

Half Up Half Down Passion Twists

Half Up Half Down Passion Twists
Half Up Half Down Passion Twists

Shoulder Length Passion Twist Hairstyle

Chic Passion Twists

Chic Passion Twists
Chic Passion Twists

Passion Twists with Accessories

Wrapped Passion Twist

Passion Twists Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Passion Twists Hairstyle for Thin Hair
Passion Twists Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Red Passion Twists

Red and Black Passion Twists

Short Passion Twists 

Short Passion Twists 
Short Passion Twists 

Dark Pink Passion Twists

Dark Pink Passion Twists
Dark Pink Passion Twists

Jumbo Passion Twists Updo

Jumbo Passion Twists Updo
Jumbo Passion Twists Updo

Passion Twists for Kids

Super Light Wrapped Passion Twists

Extended Two Strand Passion Twists over Starter Locs

Crochet Passion Twists

Pink Passion Twists

Blonde Passion Twists


Honey Blonde with White Blonde Blend

Blonde and Black Hairstyle

Brown Passion Twists

Criss Cross with Passion Twist

Medium Ombre Passion Twists

Short Blonde Passion Twists

Long Ombre Passion Twists

Long Ombre Passion Twists
Long Ombre Passion Twists

Ombre Blonde

Knotless Passion Twists

Long Passion Twists

Bouncy Brown Passion Twists

Medium Passion Twists

Long Passion Twists with Skunk Stripe

Passion Twists with 613 Color

Shoulder Length Boho Passion Twists

Chunky Passion Twist

Black and Brown Passion Twists

Are Passion Twists Healthy?

If you want to grow your natural hair and are looking for protective hairstyles that will keep your natural hair healthy and your scalp relaxed, then passion twists are a good hairstyle option for you.

There is a reason why this hairstyle is so popular with the current crowd. This hairstyle is versatile; you can get it installed using different colored hair, remarkably easy to style, and it does so while protecting your natural hair from damage.

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How Do You Sleep With Passion Twists?

There are several ways to style your passion twists before going to sleep. But before you style your hair, you must clean your scalp, moisturize your hair, and detangle the ends. Then, you can pin them to your head as you like or depending upon the look you are going for in the morning.

I find braiding my hair to be the most comfortable way to style my passion twists before sleeping. You can also twist them or pin them. Then, wrap your passion twists in a silk bonnet or a satin scarf, this helps to hydrate your hair and avoid breakage.

Can I Wash My Hair With Passion Twists?

Yes, you can wash your passion twists regularly but not frequently. Washing your hair at least once a week or once every two weeks is recommended by most hair stylists. This is because unless we shampoo our hair, the sebum produced by our scalp, along with the hair products we use start to clog the pores on our scalp, leading to irritation and sometimes hair loss.

This hairstyle is also appropriate for swimming and other water sports, as long as you rinse your roots and natural hair with normal water afterward and apply conditioner to your hair. At the same time, it is important to realize that washing our braids frequently will cause our natural hair to frizz and the passion twists to wear out.  So, you can wash them but not more than once a week.

Are Passion Twists Easy to Install?

Are passion twists easy to install? Well for a hairstylist the passion twists are pretty easy to install. An installation appointment can last you somewhere between 3 to 6 hours, depending on the length and style of your twists. On the other hand, passion twists can take you at least a day to install because installing hair extensions on your own head is relatively tougher than doing it on another person. If you do consider installing on your own to save money, then I recommend taking as many breaks as possible, so that you don’t become easily frustrated.

How Long Do Passion Twists Last?

Like most protective hairstyles, passion twists have an expiry date. No matter how often you clean your scalp, detangle your hair, or apply moisturizer, you will have to get your passion twists removed once your scalp starts to itch and the passion twists lose their charm. With proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your passion twists but for your natural hair’s sake, you must remove them at most by 10 weeks and not any longer.

What Hair is Used For Passion Twists?

For a passion twist novice, I recommend using water wave hair, which is the most popular type of hair used for passion twists. Choose the medium wave pattern, known for having the perfect bounce and wave to it. Plus, it doesn’t get easily tangled. You can also pick the color of your water-wave hair. Thereby, saving your natural hair from bleach and chemical treatments.

Now that we have discussed the type of hair extension that is best for passion twist installation, we must also discuss the right conditions for our natural hair as well. If your hair is currently damaged from past exposure to chemicals, then you should wait to install passion twists until they are healthier. You must see a hairstylist to consult whether your hair type will suit this protective hairstyle, otherwise, you are constantly at risk of breakage and tangling.

How Much Do Passion Twists Cost?

Installation costs differ based on the city you live in, how high-end your salon is, what products the hairstylists use on your hair, and the quality of hair extensions they use on your hair. After taking all of these things into consideration, it is safe to say that a passion twist installation can cost you between $150 to $300.

When Should You Remove Your Passion Twists?

As discussed above, passion twists like most protective hairstyles need to be removed after 8 to 10 weeks of installation. However, if you do not take proper care of your twists and your natural hair, then you might have to remove them before. But how can you tell the right time to remove the passion twists?

In my experience, it is time to book an appointment with your hairstylist when your natural hair becomes extremely frizzy. If your scalp feels extremely itchy, irritated, and tight after a month of installation, then it is time to remove the twists. When it’s time to remove the braids, the twists will lose their curls as they start to loosen up.

What is The Difference Between Passion Twists and Senegalese Twists?

Although passion twists and Senegalese twists are incredibly similar in appearance, they are different hairstyles with some subtle variances. First of all, both passion twists and Senegalese twists are protective hairstyles that are commonly adorned by women with Afro-textured hair.

To achieve both of these looks, you have to twist hair extensions with your natural hair. However, while passion twists have a more relaxed and lived-in feel to them, Senegalese twists have a more compact look. Also, passion twists can be achieved with both synthetic and human hair, but Senegalese twists are achieved using regular braids. 

Pre-Installation Passion Twists Preparation

Preparing your natural hair and scalp before installation is extremely important because after installation you can not shampoo your scalp properly for at least a month. Start off by massaging your natural hair and scalp with a hot oil treatment. Massage gently and leave the oil on for at least one to two hours before rinsing.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm to warm water. Apply shampoo to your scalp and massage properly to remove the build-up of hair products and sebum. Rinse and repeat the process once again. Remember you shampoo your hair to clean your scalp and not your hair. So, never apply the shampoo straight to your hair.

Now, once you have properly rinsed the shampoo with lukewarm water, apply a generous layer of deep conditioner to your hair. A conditioner is meant to hydrate and moisturize your hair. You shouldn’t apply it to your scalp as it can clog its pores. To apply the conditioner, I like to part my hair into smaller sections.

Take a small dollop of conditioner and apply it to the bottom half of your strands, then the top half. Repeat the process on the other sections. I like to leave on a deep conditioner for at least 10 to 15 minutes. During this time run a wide-toothed comb and your fingers through your hair a couple of times to detangle and remove all knots.

Rinse your hair with cold water this time. We should rinse our hair with cold water to remove the conditioner because that way our hair locks in the moisture provided by the conditioner. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel. Let your hair air dry. While it is still slightly damp apply detangling spray, moisturizer, and cream to your hair. Now, your hair is ready.

Tools Required For Passion Twists Installation

If you are planning to install passion twists at your home, then you need the following tools- several packs of water wave hair (in your preferred color), a crochet hook, hair mousse, edge control, hair gel, a spray bottle filled with water, hair clips, and tail comb. You might also need other tools depending on the installation process you settle on.

Passion Twists Installation Process

There are plenty of ways to install passion twists. However, in this article, we will talk in detail about the process that is the simplest for installing the twists at home, and even by yourself. After you have prepared your hair properly, lay down all of the installation tools in front of a mirror.

I recommend using a blow dryer to make your hair manageable but don’t straighten your hair completely. While a professional hairstylist will not do this step in a salon, I recommend this only because it makes the installation process a little easier. Texture is not your enemy. In fact, passion twists work best on textured hair. So, do not completely straighten your hair.

Now, let us prepare the water wave hair extensions. All you need to do is take them out of their packets and run your fingers through them. Lay them back on the surface in front of you. We do this to ensure that there are no knots and that the wave pattern is more defined.

Section your hair as you please. I like to section my hair into small squares. You can start with the top of your head and then go sideways. Make a plait, only at the base, of each section. We make a small plait because we have to start adding our passion twist hair from that point forward. It also helps you avoid slipping while braiding. Now feed the water wave hair extension into the section you are working on with a latch crochet hook.

Attach the passion twist hair to the base of the braid like you would with a thread (I recommend watching a YouTube video for that). Then, twist the passion hair around the base of your braid. When finished, split your natural hair into two parts and twist them with the passion hair. Secure the end of the hair and cover with mousse to keep the hair frizz free. Repeat the process with the other sections.

Passion Twists Maintenance Tips

Keeping your hair and scalp healthy is important if you want to maintain the beauty of your passion twists. Shampoo your scalp at least two times a month to remove dirt, sebum, and hair product build-up. To remove build-up between your wash days, you can use a natural astringent like apple cider vinegar or a scalp cleansing product.

I recommend developing a daily hair care strategy that you can perform before going to sleep. Such a plan should focus on keeping your scalp and hair clean, along with being nourished and moisturized. For instance, apply oil to your hair and scalp whenever your passion twists seem dry.

The oil will not only moisturize your strands but also nourish your scalp. It will also prevent your natural hair from breakage and split ends. Before going to sleep, you should apply a generous layer of leave-in conditioner and hair cream to your hair as well. You must also wrap your hair in a silk/satin bonnet or scarf after styling your twists for the night.

Do not go to bed without covering your hair because overnight contact between our hair and the pillowcase sucks the moisture out of our hair and can lead to breakage due to friction. Silk/satin bonnets help retain the moisture. It is also important to remember that while you can achieve many hairstyles with your passion twists, you shouldn’t change your style every day as it creates tension, thereby weakening your hairline.

How To Remove Passion Twists?

To remove your passion twists, all you need is two spray bottles, one filled with your favorite oil and the other filled with water, and a lot of patience. Spray water and oil over your hair and start twisting and pulling your hair from the bottom. Take your time with each braid to ensure that you are not pulling your natural hair too much. 

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